We hear you, Junk-Food

We hear you, Junk-Food

Yup, sometimes it happens–jealousy. We write about one Crabbie and another one whines that he’s not getting any publicity. Today, it was Junk-Food. He wants you all to know he’s gearing up for the long weekend too. He’s ready with candy and ice cream and cookies and soda and… and… and… well, he’s ready to be a sugar pusher.

That’s right. And he’s pretty proud that he has mounds and mounds of sugary treats. Fortunately, the CrabbieMasters know what to do. They will POWER-UP to get rid of you, Junk-Food.









Now, we know Junk-Food won’t like this post but bad publicity is better than no publicity! Be on the lookout for Junk-Food today and every day. He can be quite sneaky.

We know he wants us to say something nice about him, so we will. When the CrabbieMasters send Junk-Food away, he goes quietly because his mouth is filled with junk food! And he goes away quickly because he’s filled with sugar. We laugh when we watch hyper-quiet Junk-Food leave.

Don’t forget–where there’s Junk-Food, Achy’s not far behind.



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