Time to POWER-UP!

Time to POWER-UP!

Hi everyone! Jay here.

Kay and I were outside playing when we spotted King hiding in the bushes. We knew right away that he was going to call on one of the Crabbies to come ruin our day.

Sure enough, King had called in Get-Along and all of a sudden Kay didn’t want to play anymore.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Just don’t,” she said.

Well… that wasn’t like Kay at all. So, I asked her again.

“Why don’t you want to play with me?”

“You were cheating!” she said.

“I was not! Why would you say that?”

“Because you were!”

Oh boy. I knew right away what was happening.

“Kay! Look behind the bush. Who do you see?”

And, there he was.

Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully

I knew Get-Along was getting to Kay and I knew what we had to do!

“Come on, Kay. Let’s send Get-Along away so we can play!”

We know what they like, we just don’t do it!

We know what they don’t like, we get right to it!

We chanted until Get-Along was well out of sight. “So long Get-Along! You too, King! Get a move on!”

Kay and I were able to go back to playing right away. We had a good time and we got along just fine!

See you next time! (Sorry, not you Get-Along!)




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