Three cheers for CrabbieMasters!

Three cheers for CrabbieMasters!

Hip Hip Hooray!

This has been a challenging week for the CrabbieMasters, but we BEAT THOSE CRABBIES!

It all started yesterday. Jay was running late and Mom was worried that he’d be late for school and she’d be late for work.

He stayed up late playing a game on his iPad, and he was too tired to get up. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be up past his bedtime, but he did.

“You need to get up, get dressed and come eat,” Mom called to him.

“I’m too tired,” Jay said. “Can’t I just go back to sleep? I don’t feel like going to school today.”

“Jay, you hurry up and get down here.” Mom was not happy.

Jay rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom. That’s when he saw them.

Too-tired, Hungry and Hurry-Up! 

They were looking at Jay, laughing.

That’s all Jay needed to see.

He knew he was wrong to stay up past his bedtime, and he knew he had to beat the Crabbies.

He dressed, went to the kitchen, told Mom he was sorry he was late and he sat at the table and ate the cereal Mom had prepared for him.

As we left the house, we all turned and waved at the Crabbies!

“Nice try, guys! Maybe next time– NOT!

Have a happy weekend!




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