The CrabbieMasters

Thank you for visiting our page. We are the CrabbieMasters, and we know how to beat the Crabbies.

We know what they like, we just don’t do it! We know what they don’t like, we get right to it!

Hi there! I’m Jay Gray. My sister, Kay, and I are the lead CrabbieMasters. Through the stories Becky and Michael Undlin are writing about us, we show you how to beat the Crabbies! Each and every one of them! Miss Becky teaches preschool, and she tells her students all about us! They know how to beat the Crabbies too!

kayheadHello! I’m Kay Gray. My brother and I love to beat the Crabbies. We are proud CrabbieMasters. We want to show you how to beat them and keep them away. We are so happy that Becky and Michael Undlin tell our stories, and illustrator Erik Lervold brings us to life! Here’s one of his sketches.

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