Team CrabbieMasters

Movie Time!

Sometimes… not too often, but sometimes… the Crabbies aren’t all that bad. Like last night. They went to the movies. Yes, crabs can get into the movie theater. Best of all for them, they only have to pay half-price.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. Get-Along wouldn’t agree with what movie to see. No matter what movie King suggested, Get-Along didn’t want to see it.

After a lot of bickering, the Crabbies agreed to go see Finding Nemo.







They had a good time. Not only did they enjoy the movie, but they discovered that one of their relatives made a brief guest appearance!

Well, that did it! The Crabbies want to be movie stars. The last we saw them, they were headed to Disney to try out for the leading role in a new movie.

We didn’t tell them that all the movie studios are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

See you next time!

Remembering those who served

Jay and Kay love to read and since tomorrow is Veterans Day, they are sharing some of their favorite books about this very special day.

Veterans Day, by Mir Tamim Ansary
What happens on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of the year? This book will dive into the chronicle of Veterans Day with great detail. Perfect for little history buffs and parents who may need a refresher when your kids start asking you questions. Together you will find greater understanding of this important public holiday and why this day might just have special meaning for you and your family.


Rags: Hero Dog of WWII, by Margot Theis Raven, illustrated by Petra Brown
Not all veterans of war are human, and this true story shows us how canines have been used as soldiers of war since World War I. Found on the streets of Paris by Private James Donovan, Rags was brought back to base and put to work. He learned to help clear trenches, deliver messages, and even salute! The muted illustrations show the dark time of war, but spare the reader from grim details. Dog lovers will enjoy learning about this furry war veteran and the capacity of one dog to be loyal to a country, as well as to the solder who took him in.


H is for Honor, by Devin Scillian, illustrated by Victor Juhasz
This alphabet picture book delves into everything military—from history, to the meaning of ranks and divisions, to what it is like to be a military child. Navy SEALS, Green Berets, and Army Rangers are written about in more detail, and pictures reveal what life on base is really like. Together, you and your child will discover the meaning of patriotism and have an opportunity to discuss courage and commitment. After this book, your little one may be interested in sending off a care package to a soldier overseas.


The Poppy Lady, by Barbara Walsh, illustrated by Layne Johnson
Based on a true story, this picture book follows Moina Belle Michael, a schoolteacher from Georgia who was determined to  find a way to honor and remember soldiers. Moina set out to make the poppy a symbol of remembrance; her determination paid off and today, the poppy is a familiar symbol of Veterans Day. With detailed drawings and information on the period surrounding world War I, this book is a powerful way to share with your child what it means to serve your country. Once you have read this book together, your little one will be spotting red poppies everywhere you go.


Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond Between a Soldier and His Service Dog, by Luis Carlos Montalvan and Bret Witter, photographs by Dan Dion
When a service member returns home from war, they sometimes suffer from injuries to their body, their mind, and their spirit. This story is about a service dog by the name of Tuesday who helps a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Based on a true story and told through the eyes of Tuesday, this picture book helps children understand the true day to day life of a returning veteran. The adorable pictures of Tuesday will be sure to please your child, while also providing an example of how service dogs can help veterans.


These are Jay and Kay’s favorites. Do you have a favorite?

We here at Team CrabbieMasters pay honor and respect to those who served and those who now serve in our military.

A Crabbie vacation

What happens when eight Crabbies go on vacation?

We here at Team CrabbieMasters are chuckling. It appears the Crabbies aren’t able to agree on what to do on vacation.

“I want to go to the movies and eat lots of popcorn,” Junk-Food said.

“No, it’s nice outside. Let’s go camping,” King said.

“I want to skate all around town,” Hurry-Up said.

Too-Tired shook his head. “I’m too tired to go anywhere. Let’s just hang out.”

“I don’t want to do any of those things,” said Get-Along. “Let’s go to the beach.”

“No,” Achy said. “My tummy hurts. I want to have a stay-cation.”

King raised his scepter. “No one said we have to vacation together. So, go do your own thing. We will meet back here later.”

“That’s not right!” Get-Along said. “We should all go together and do what I want to do.”

“No way. We need to do what I want to do. I’m hungry!” said Hungry.

“Stop!” King shouted. “We can’t get along so go do whatever you want and meet back here later.”

After 20 minutes of squabbling, Junk-Food left for the movies, and the others soon went and did their own thing too.

As for Jay and Kay, they decided, without arguing, to just hang out.


Have a safe and happy weekend!


The Crabbies are on the move!

“That’s right! We’re on the move. We’re going to New York City, also known as the Big Apple,” King announced.

“We’re going to the Big Apple?” Hungry asked as he rubbed his stomach.

“Yes, Hungry, to the Big Apple.”

“What will we do when we get there?” Junk-Food asked. “I don’t like apples. Apples are healthy.”

“Not a real apple, it’s just a nickname,” Get-Along said.

“Are we going to be celebrities?” Too-Tired asked. “I always wanted to be a celebrity. After all, I’m the worst Crabbie in the whole universe.”

“Settle down, all of you,” King commanded. “We are going to New York City to meet with fun humans. We must be on our best behavior. We can’t be making anyone sick or tired and especially… LATE. We want to make a good impression.”

“THAT’S NOT FUN!” Achy shouted. “How can we have fun if we behave?”

“Calm down. We only need to behave for one day. Once we impress these people, we can go back to spreading crabbiness all over the land,” King said, raising his scepter. “King Crabbie, crabby, leader




“None of this sounds good,” Hurry-Up complained. “Be good for one day? We are Crabbies, we aren’t made that way.”

“Just one day,” King said. “You will see. We might become celebrities!”

“When do we leave?” Get-Along asked.

“I don’t know yet, but it will be soon so STAY TUNED!”

Get-Along learns a new song

Just when we thought we’d heard it all…

Get-Along crawled into the hallway of Team CrabbieMasters headquarters and he was singing so loudly that Kay had to go tell him to hush.

“I don’t want to hush,” Get-Along said. “So, go back to wherever it was you were and leave me alone.”

“Really?” Kay said. “Get-Along, that’s no way to talk to me or anybody. You’re being rude!”

“Rude, rude, think I care?”

Kay couldn’t believe Get-Along was being so obnoxious. That means disagreeable and nasty. So… she decided to sing a song.

I’m teaching you a song

so you’ll know how to get along.

Won’t you come and sing with me

instead of being ornery? 

You don’t need to think twice

about being kind and doing nice.

It’s easy to get along

just by singing a happy song!

Well… Get-Along learned a new song, but we here at Team CrabbieMasters know we can’t change Get-Along’s attitude, but we can send him away! And we did!

Happy weekend everyone! Remember to have fun and get along with others. And if you see Get-Along creeping into your day, just send him away!

Give it up, Hurry-Up!

Yippee! Skippee!

My morning is going to be SOOOO great!

Jay and Kay are running late!

I hear their mom say, “Come on! Let’s Go!”

I see Jay and Kay. They are moving slow.

Well, what do you know! Ha, ha, ha! Oh, no, no, no!

Tell me it isn’t so.

I am beating Jay and Kay. I am going to have my way!

Hold on there, Hurry-Up. Not so fast!

You are not getting your way at last.

We are not slow. We know we have to go.

Mom is waiting, and we won’t make her late.

We know she has to be to work at eight.

Hurry-up, you are so wrong… so, why don’t you just run along.

There’s nothing here for you to see.

So leave by the time we count to three.





They sure know how to get rid of me 🙁



We are excited!

We are very excited as our illustrator, Erik, finishes the artwork for our CrabbieMasters series. He’s doing an awesome job! We love the picture above! It really shows what we’re all about. Powering-Up and keeping the Crabbies away today and every day!

Here’s a sneak peek at another page from one of our books. Can you name all the Crabbies? 

Our editor has been busy working on a special project for us. We can’t wait to share the CrabbieMasters program and our books with you!

That’s all for today! Keep the Crabbies away and have a good day!

Yours in beating the Crabbies,

Team CrabbieMasters

Too-Tired is put on notice

It’s not a good day for Too-Tired. He’s not happy because he’s been put “On Notice.” That means the CrabbieMasters are taking charge and not letting Too-Tired, or any Crabbie, ruin the day.

Each day at Becky’s preschool, she and her students have a morning meeting that includes a quick talk about which Crabbies might try to cause trouble in the day. They use a Magnet Board to show which Crabbies could be the day’s stinkers. Those Crabbies are put “On Notice.”

Too-Tired is almost always put on notice. If even one person in the group didn’t have quite enough sleep, Too-Tired might sneak right in and try to ruin the day.

We here at Team CrabbieMasters watched as Miss Becky put Too-Tired on notice. He rolled his eyes as if it was his first time.

Too-Tired Crabbie, crabby, tired, sleepy

Then, we heard him tell Get-Along, “You’re next. You’re going to be put on notice because the class is going to do a play and not everyone will get the part they want.”

“No! Not me!” cried Get-Along. “I don’t want to be put on notice. I don’t want anyone watching for me. I love the element of surprise!”

Too-Tired shook his head. “Well, so do I, but Miss Becky’s students keep voting to put me on notice. It’s hard to sneak up on any of them when they do that.”

“We need a plan,” said Get-Along.Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully

“We should talk to King,” Too-Tired said. “He will know what to do.”

Get-Along let out a big sigh. “We need to do something and fast! This magnet board is making it hard to be sneaky and those CrabbieMasters keep Powering-Up, so we can’t get anything done.”

“I know,” said Too-Tired. “We need to get King and have a group meeting. We need a solid plan to beat the CrabbieMasters. We’ll show Miss Becky! That magnet board won’t do her any good anymore!”

Oh no! What do you think will happen? Do you think the Crabbies can outsmart the CrabbieMasters?

We at Team CrabbieMaster will be watching!

Jay and Kay have good news!

The Crabbies are on the move… as in movie. That’s right! There’s a possibility that the CrabbieMasters will make it to the big screen… or the small screen… or a computer screen.

Jay and Kay have convinced “Team CrabbieMasters” to hire a screenwriter to write a script that could be turned into an animated television show or movie. The team thought it would be a good idea and the Crabbies are all excited to think that they might be brought to life… more than they are now that is.

Animated Crabbies would be very cool, don’t you think? Imagine watching King lead the gang live and in Technicolor!

King Crabbie, crabby, leader

Jay and Kay gathered all the CrabbieMasters and called for the Crabbies to come meet them under the big oak tree.

“I have great news for you all,” Jay told the Crabbies as they looked at him puzzled. After all, it’s not every day, or even any day, that the CrabbieMasters want the Crabbies to come around.

“Team CrabbieMasters held a meeting and we have decided to hire a screenwriter to write a script,” Kay said. “You will be the stars.”

“Stars?” King said. “What’s are stars? Like the stars in the sky?”

“You aren’t sending me into space,” cried Get-Along.

Too-Tired pointed to the sky. “No way am I going up there!”

“Calm down, Crabbies! You aren’t going to be stars like in the sky. You’re going to be stars like movie stars,” Jay said. “You know… like SpongeBob.”

The Crabbies were happy to hear they weren’t going to be sent up into space. “You mean, I could be as famous as Mr. Krabs?” Junk-Food asked.

“That’s what we’re hoping,” said Kay. “It’s only a start, but we have a dedicated team and we promise to do whatever it takes.”

King lifted his head high. “I hope the camera picks up my good side.”

“King, if we can get you animated, we’ll get your good side,” Kay laughed.

And so, the Crabbies excitedly walked away as did Jay and Kay.

Team CrabbieMasters is excited too! We will keep you posted on our progress.