Michael Undlin

YAY! December is here!

Hi everyone!

Kay here. Are you as excited about December as I am?

I love December. Where I live, it means snow! Lot’s of snow for sledding and for making a snowman.

My brother Jay and I love playing in the snow. We also love the snow because… well… the Crabbies can’t get around as easily. They slip and slide and PLOP!  They’re flat on their stomachs!

Last December, King got this silly idea to make a snowman and he had Too-Tired, Achy and Can’t-Do help. How funny is that?

Of course, Too-Tired was too tired to do anything and Achy was too sick to help. Can’t-Do didn’t even want to try. King called to Hurry-Up to help, but he learned fast that he was wearing the wrong kind of skates!

Finally, King built a snowman all by himself. Miss Becky snapped a picture when he finished.

When Miss Becky takes the CrabbieMasters out to build a snowman, we will be sure she takes a picture. We think… no, we know… we can do better than King!

Happy December, everyone!


We are excited!

We are very excited as our illustrator, Erik, finishes the artwork for our CrabbieMasters series. He’s doing an awesome job! We love the picture above! It really shows what we’re all about. Powering-Up and keeping the Crabbies away today and every day!

Here’s a sneak peek at another page from one of our books. Can you name all the Crabbies? 

Our editor has been busy working on a special project for us. We can’t wait to share the CrabbieMasters program and our books with you!

That’s all for today! Keep the Crabbies away and have a good day!

Yours in beating the Crabbies,

Team CrabbieMasters

A peek into the process

Greetings from the CrabbieMasters!

One of the great things about technology is that it can bring people together from anywhere in the country, or even world, to work together. This was almost impossible before the age of the Internet.

With our art director, Carol, in New York State and our illustrator, Erik, in Minnesota, the perfect way for them to work together is by Skype. Erik can put up his sketches for Carol to see and he can make changes as she watches. How cool is that?

To be able to sit at a computer and connect with someone halfway across the county makes it really cost effective too! There’s no travel expenses involved and it allows us to select people to work with from all over the world. We can work in our pajamas if we want!

When Carol and Erik Skype, Michael gets to watch. He doesn’t always understand their art lingo, but he gets to watch the process as Erik shows each sketch and makes any requested changes. Photoshop looks complicated, but Erik makes it look so easy!

This page is a sneak peek into the illustrations for our Here Come the CrabbieMasters book. As you can see, there are a lot of CrabbieMasters! We hope you’ll become one too!

Do you have a favorite Crabbie that you like to beat? We’d love to hear from you. Until next time,



A sneak peak…

The weekend is upon us, and for some it will be busy and others will relax. What will you be doing this weekend?

I may do some shopping and baking, and I know for certain that I will have some relaxation time. I don’t want Too-Tired creeping into my weekend!

I do know what our illustrator will be doing. Erik will be working on our Here Come the CrabbieMasters book. The rough sketches are finished, and he’ll be finalizing and coloring each page. I am excited to see it when it’s done!

I thought maybe you would like to see a couple of our covers, so here’s a sneak peek.


Have a happy and safe weekend, and we’ll see you Monday!


‘Tis the Season

The holiday season keeps us busy, and it’s the perfect time for Hurry-Up to sneak into our lives. In fact, it’s a favorite time of the year.

Many of us are busy decorating, shopping, baking, attending holiday parties, writing holiday greetings all while keeping up with routine tasks and commitments.

Hurry-Up can bug adults more than kids because he likes to make kids take their time while Mom, Dad, or some other adult waits. And Hurry-Up loves to make people late.


This time of year, it’s really important to keep Hurry-Up away. If he does show up, send him away! One way to do this is to allow yourself a little extra time when you know the day will be hectic. Kids can help by doing what they’re asked the first time, and by doing what they know they have to do without being asked, such as getting dressed and brushing their teeth.

Cutting down on the holiday rush will keep the other Crabbies away. Remember… sometimes the Crabbies work as a team. Hurry-Up would like nothing more than to watch you eat on the run so Achy will show up or… get you into a squabble so Get-Along comes along.

Let’s not forget Junk-Food. When we’re in a hurry and hungry, we tend to grab fast and easy snacks… like junk food!

CrabbieMasters know how to beat Hurry-Up and we hope you do too! As we prepare for the holiday season, we need to remember how to chase the Crabbies away and keep them away!


As Kay says, “When asked to do it, we get right to it!”

See you next time,