getting along with others

Here’s a CrabbieMaster Riddle

Get-Along Crabbie is holding the beach ball up high away from Jay and Kay fighting in the background with a skunk in the foreground.

Believe it or not the Get-Along Crabbie and the skunk have something in common!

They both have the power to cross your path and leave a stink you have to deal with.

In my experience, the Get-Along Crabbie is often the culprit when it comes to those days that something happens in the morning and then it’s hard to let go of it for the entire day. And more extreme –  I have even heard of cases where elementary children, after a year of daily conflict, are split up in school so that they won’t be in the same class the next year.

Many times, throughout my education, I’ve heard that there is a ‘magic ratio’ when it comes to relationships. The ratio they are referring to is the number of positive interactions it takes to make up for those inevitable negative interactions. Early on I heard the ratio as, ‘It takes three positive interactions to every negative one to even things out.’ Just now I did a little Google search and found a source that claims the ratio to be five to one in order to maintain positive long last relationships.

About twenty years ago, after hearing that one of my former preschoolers was being bullied in school, I declared that the number one preschool rule was “Be Nice!” That has turned out to be one of the best things I ever did in creating the main tenets for being CrabbieMasters in my preschool. It was amazing how being intentional and how instructing kids on ways to work out problems made a such difference on a daily basis and long term. The simple rule to ‘Be Nice’ often triggered me to find ways to give kids opportunities to be kind to each other in ways that consistently changed our daily dynamics for the positive.

There are still times when a child may be impulsive (most often when they are tired) and may say or do something to another child that is not kind. The big difference is that when the mindset is “Be Nice,” such incidents are more likely to be isolated versus chronic. The child who was mistreated understands that it was a mistake on the part of his or her friend and they are less likely to retaliate because in talking about how to beat Get-Along we have already frequently talked about the best ways to ‘work things out.’

As I said above, teaching kids to beat Get-Along does require intentionality. For more on how (and why J ) to beat Get-Along, check out www.crabbiemasters.com/get-along.

Make it a great day!

Becky 🙂

Happy Saturday!

Can you see Get-Along sneaking around behind the children?  You can also see that the children don’t care. That’s right, Get-Along. They aren’t paying any attention to you!

Get-Along wants no one to get along. He loves squabbles and arguments and children who won’t share. He loves children who won’t take turns and who won’t do as they’re told. He loves, loves, loves when everyone gets so mad they won’t play together. He loves it when kids pick on one another. He’s not very nice. No, he’s not.

So if you see this fella lurking around, be sure to send him away. Don’t let him ruin your day and ruin your play!

He’s quite sneaky, but Miss Becky has a good remedy to make him go away.

Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully


Time to POWER-UP!

Hi everyone! Jay here.

Kay and I were outside playing when we spotted King hiding in the bushes. We knew right away that he was going to call on one of the Crabbies to come ruin our day.

Sure enough, King had called in Get-Along and all of a sudden Kay didn’t want to play anymore.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Just don’t,” she said.

Well… that wasn’t like Kay at all. So, I asked her again.

“Why don’t you want to play with me?”

“You were cheating!” she said.

“I was not! Why would you say that?”

“Because you were!”

Oh boy. I knew right away what was happening.

“Kay! Look behind the bush. Who do you see?”

And, there he was.

Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully

I knew Get-Along was getting to Kay and I knew what we had to do!

“Come on, Kay. Let’s send Get-Along away so we can play!”

We know what they like, we just don’t do it!

We know what they don’t like, we get right to it!

We chanted until Get-Along was well out of sight. “So long Get-Along! You too, King! Get a move on!”

Kay and I were able to go back to playing right away. We had a good time and we got along just fine!

See you next time! (Sorry, not you Get-Along!)


We should have known…

Where have we been? Well, it’s a long story but we’ll make it short. Get-Along didn’t think we made him look favorable enough in our last blog post, so he made an appearance and brought Can’t-Do with him.

The CrabbieMasters Team had to wrangle with a malfunctioning website. We knew Get-Along and Can’t-Do were causing our problems, but we couldn’t catch them.

Crabbies can be very sneaky, and sometimes they succeed in getting into our day. We knew we needed Paul, our IT guy. He came to the rescue as did all the other CrabbieMasters. With everyone ‘Powered-Up,’ we were able to get our website back up.

We hope too many of you weren’t inconvenienced. Some said they could still get to our page, but others said they couldn’t. And… we couldn’t for a while.

We put Can’t-Do and Get-Along on notice. They won’t be messing with our website anymore!

We’ll be back tomorrow with something fun for all you kids! Until then, be sure to keep the Crabbies away from your computer!

Bye for now,

Team CrabbieMasters

Getting along with Get-Along

Whew! It’s been a long few days as we’ve been wrangling with Get-Along. You see, Get-Along got a little bit jealous (okay, a lot jealous) of King and Hurry-Up because they were featured on our blog. So… Get-Along tried to ruin the day, actually a few days, but we finally got him in line.

Before we did, he was everywhere. First, he snuck in the window at Miss Becky’s preschool. Her students knew right away what to do. They put Get-Along on notice and they sent him away. We here at Team CrabbieMasters thought that would be the end of Get-Along’s attempts, but no. Guess where he went next? He went to Jenna’s house. Do you remember Jenna? We introduced her in our last post. Well… Get-Along rang her doorbell and knocked and rang some more.

“Let me in,” Get-Along shouted.

“Who’s there?” Jenna asked.

“It’s me, Get-Along, and I want in. You were featured on Team CrabbieMasters blog, and I want equal time.”

“Sorry, Get-Along. I don’t do the blog. You need to take your complaint elsewhere and do it nicely,” Jenna politely said.

“Fine! Some help you are!” Get-Along squealed as he stormed off.

We thought that was the end of it, but the next day, who rang Miss Becky’s doorbell? You guessed it!

Miss Becky knew just what to do, and Get-Along… well, he finally gave up. But… he is getting featured. You see, sometimes when we don’t get along with someone, others see it or hear about it. So, it’s important to always try to get along with everyone 🙂


Until the next time, stay happy!

Team CrabbieMasters