Group hug time!

Hi! Kay here!

I was once a student in Miss Becky’s preschool. That’s where I learned to beat the Crabbies.

Miss Becky makes beating the Crabbies lots of fun. There are so many former students who wish they could be back in her class, even if only for one day.

Miss Becky is the creator of the Crabbies, and she’s the author of all the books about them. My brother Jay and I are going to convince Miss Becky to make a short video explaining how the Crabbies were created. Won’t that be fun to learn!

I’ll give you a hint… there might be something about a group hug!

Today, all us CrabbieMasters had a big group hug! We called it Group Hug Day and we think every day should be Group Hug Day.

Whenever you have a hug day, we hope it’s a happy one!

Remembering those who served

Jay and Kay love to read and since tomorrow is Veterans Day, they are sharing some of their favorite books about this very special day.

Veterans Day, by Mir Tamim Ansary
What happens on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of the year? This book will dive into the chronicle of Veterans Day with great detail. Perfect for little history buffs and parents who may need a refresher when your kids start asking you questions. Together you will find greater understanding of this important public holiday and why this day might just have special meaning for you and your family.


Rags: Hero Dog of WWII, by Margot Theis Raven, illustrated by Petra Brown
Not all veterans of war are human, and this true story shows us how canines have been used as soldiers of war since World War I. Found on the streets of Paris by Private James Donovan, Rags was brought back to base and put to work. He learned to help clear trenches, deliver messages, and even salute! The muted illustrations show the dark time of war, but spare the reader from grim details. Dog lovers will enjoy learning about this furry war veteran and the capacity of one dog to be loyal to a country, as well as to the solder who took him in.


H is for Honor, by Devin Scillian, illustrated by Victor Juhasz
This alphabet picture book delves into everything military—from history, to the meaning of ranks and divisions, to what it is like to be a military child. Navy SEALS, Green Berets, and Army Rangers are written about in more detail, and pictures reveal what life on base is really like. Together, you and your child will discover the meaning of patriotism and have an opportunity to discuss courage and commitment. After this book, your little one may be interested in sending off a care package to a soldier overseas.


The Poppy Lady, by Barbara Walsh, illustrated by Layne Johnson
Based on a true story, this picture book follows Moina Belle Michael, a schoolteacher from Georgia who was determined to  find a way to honor and remember soldiers. Moina set out to make the poppy a symbol of remembrance; her determination paid off and today, the poppy is a familiar symbol of Veterans Day. With detailed drawings and information on the period surrounding world War I, this book is a powerful way to share with your child what it means to serve your country. Once you have read this book together, your little one will be spotting red poppies everywhere you go.


Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond Between a Soldier and His Service Dog, by Luis Carlos Montalvan and Bret Witter, photographs by Dan Dion
When a service member returns home from war, they sometimes suffer from injuries to their body, their mind, and their spirit. This story is about a service dog by the name of Tuesday who helps a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Based on a true story and told through the eyes of Tuesday, this picture book helps children understand the true day to day life of a returning veteran. The adorable pictures of Tuesday will be sure to please your child, while also providing an example of how service dogs can help veterans.


These are Jay and Kay’s favorites. Do you have a favorite?

We here at Team CrabbieMasters pay honor and respect to those who served and those who now serve in our military.

Happy November!

We love November!

Do you know why?

Thanksgiving! That’s why!

Our mouths are already watering for turkey. We’ll have a big feast with all kinds of good things to eat.

We’ll have turkey and gravy and potatoes and carrots and sweet potatoes and pie! We’ll have corn and squash and stuffing and cranberries. But what we like best about Thanksgiving is all the healthy food we get to eat.


We don’t have to worry about the Crabbies coming around. They are busy hiding. We aren’t sure why they hide, but we like that they do. Maybe they don’t want to become dinner!

We like November too because the 11th is Veterans Day. For 98 years, Americans have remembered those who served our country in uniform on 11 November – first as Armistice Day, and then, since 1954 as Veterans Day. In this 99th year of commemoration, the Department of Veterans Affairs is broadening that tradition of observance and appreciation to include both Veterans and Military Families for the entire month of November.

We like that!

What fun things do you like to do in November? Do you live where the leaves change into pretty colors? Do you like to pick chestnuts and acorns? Do you like the smell of the rain?

We hope you like November as much as we do!

Until next time… remember to POWER-UP whenever you see those Crabbies sneaking around,

Jay and Kay


Kay’s ‘almost’ bad day

Poor Kay. Her day didn’t start too well.

Her dad asked her to do a hard chore. He didn’t think it was hard, but Kay did. He had asked her to move some boxes from her mom’s sewing room to the garage.

The first three were easy. They were light and not too large. Then… a big one stared at her.

I can’t move this by myself, she thought. I wish Jay would hurry home.

But Jay wasn’t coming. He had spent the night at his friend’s house.

Kay huffed and puffed and took a deep breath. She tried lifting the box.


Not even a budge.

Nope. She couldn’t move it even one little inch.

She leaned over and tried once more to lift the box.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

“Who’s laughing?” She asked, standing and looking around.

Suddenly, something jumped on top of the box.

“It’s me! Can’t-Do!”

“Oh, I should have known you were around somewhere.”

“What’s the matter, Kay? Did I ruin your day?”

“I guess you did. I can’t lift this box and my dad asked me to take it to the garage.”

“Ha, ha, ha!” Can’t-Do laughed and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” a voice called out. “Do you need help, Kay?”

“Jay! You’re back. Yes, I could use some help. Can’t-Do here is trying to ruin my day.”

“Can’t-Do, take a hike. Kay and I got this!”

And so, Jay and Kay moved the box to the garage and Can’t-Do ran away pouting.

You see, friends, it’s okay to ask for help when you can’t do something on your own!

King Crabbie fooled by Instagram!

Sometimes the Crabbies like publicity–good or bad. After all, they’re Crabbies.

CrabbieMaster Kay was a bit surprised to hear King promoting our Instagram page. Here’s the link:


And here’s what King said:



“Attention Crabbies!

“You know how we love to get our picture on the Internet for the WORLD to see?! Well, CrabbieMasters has us on Instagram! As a King, I photograph quite well, and so do all of you. 🙂

“Of course, you know how the CrabbieMasters are… always telling everyone to watch out for us so we don’t ruin their day.

“Oh, how much fun we can have parading all over Instagram! The more CrabbieMasters put us there, the more fans we’ll have, and the more fans we have the more days we can ruin. We’re celebrities!

“Hip… hip… hooray!”

“Ha!” said Kay, smiling.

When she got wind of King’s silly speech she let him and the rest of the Crabbies know that they can admire their Instagram pictures all they want, but they won’t be tricking anyone.

“King, get real! We show everyone how to BEAT you and make sure you DON’T ruin the day. We use Instagram to show everyone how to make you GO AWAY!

“So, enjoy your pictures because we know they help everyone recognize you when they see you! Sorry, King. You’re off your game today. Instagram helps us, not you! Now everyone will know who to be on the lookout for – YOU!”

Hurrah for Friday!

CrabbiesFriday is here and that means the weekend is here! No school and no work for many of us.

We are excited to have some outdoor playtime and share some good habits with our friends… like eating right and getting along and helping someone to try to do something they think they can’t do.

We are well prepared to keep the Crabbies away. But look…

They are in a meeting, plotting and scheming. We know what they’re doing.

Listen… we can hear them…

King: It’s the weekend, do you know what that means?

Crabbies all together: Yes!

King: It means it’s time to ruin the day. Saturday and Sunday. Ruin, ruin, ruin!

Junk-Food: This is too easy. I will shower kids everywhere with candy and gooey treat and tasty sweets.

Achy: I’ll be working with Junk-Food to make sure tummy aches are EVERYWHERE!

King: Good, good. And, Hungry, what will you do?

Hungry: Why, I’ll make sure all the kids are too busy playing to stop to eat. And when they do finally eat, I’ll make sure they pick, pick, pick.

King: Excellent. How about you, Get-Along?

Get-Along: Ohhh, I know just what to do to get kids to not share and maybe even make fun of one another’s hair.

King: Perfect. Keep those kids feeling crabby. They won’t get along at all.

Cant-Do: I have a plan! I will make sure when kids try something new, they fail. A second time they won’t try, and they’ll cry and cry.

King: Genius! And Hurry-Up–

Kay: STOP RIGHT THERE! You will NOT be going anywhere.

Jay: That’s right. If you want to do something fun over the weekend, go to the beach and visit your relatives.

King: Hmmm. We’ll see about that.

Kay: There’s nothing to see, King. Go play in the sand! Go play in the ocean! We know what you like and we won’t do it! We know what you don’t like, and we get right to it!

Jay: Look, Kay! They’re running away!

Kay: See you later–NOT, Crabbies.

And so, Jay and Kay and CrabbieMasters around the world set out to enjoy their weekend. And we hope you do too!


Team CrabbieMasters

Happy Monday!

Boy, it sure was a busy weekend with lots of things to do and then yesterday was Mother’s Day. For some of us that means Monday morning can be hectic.

When things get hectic, Hurry-Up gets happy. He loves it when kids are tired and cranky and make mom or dad late. He loves when kids are late for school. In fact, he loves anything late.

Hurry-Up sometimes depends on his pal Too-Tired to ruin the day. Getting a good night’s sleep can help keep Hurry-Up away because sometimes we oversleep and that makes us have to rush, rush, rush and that can make us late, late, late.

We here at CrabbieMasters headquarters hope that wherever you venture today, you’re on time!

Happy Monday!

Time to POWER-UP!

Hi everyone! Jay here.

Kay and I were outside playing when we spotted King hiding in the bushes. We knew right away that he was going to call on one of the Crabbies to come ruin our day.

Sure enough, King had called in Get-Along and all of a sudden Kay didn’t want to play anymore.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Just don’t,” she said.

Well… that wasn’t like Kay at all. So, I asked her again.

“Why don’t you want to play with me?”

“You were cheating!” she said.

“I was not! Why would you say that?”

“Because you were!”

Oh boy. I knew right away what was happening.

“Kay! Look behind the bush. Who do you see?”

And, there he was.

Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully

I knew Get-Along was getting to Kay and I knew what we had to do!

“Come on, Kay. Let’s send Get-Along away so we can play!”

We know what they like, we just don’t do it!

We know what they don’t like, we get right to it!

We chanted until Get-Along was well out of sight. “So long Get-Along! You too, King! Get a move on!”

Kay and I were able to go back to playing right away. We had a good time and we got along just fine!

See you next time! (Sorry, not you Get-Along!)


We love the Crabbies!

Well… not always. But we want to share with all of you how we tricked the Crabbies on April Fool’s Day. We were so busy pranking them that we didn’t have time to blog. So, here goes…

Jay and I woke early. We got ready for school, ate a good breakfast and went to the car right when Mom asked us to. She dropped us off and we went right to our classroom.

Usually, one or two of the Crabbies will come to our room window and they will try to get us to do something we shouldn’t do. This time, we let them think they were successful! We got our whole class, and even our teacher, in on it.

Sure enough, Too-Tired showed up. We all put our heads on our desks and pretended to be asleep. Our teacher did too! Too-Tired got so excited. He laughed and cheered and ran off calling for King. “King! King!” he shouted as we all tried hard not to laugh. “I am incredible! I am super special! The whole class is asleep! I am such a genius!” Too-Tired Crabbie, crabby, tired, sleepy

King came running as fast as his little claws would carry him. “Let me see,” he said in his gruff voice as he peeked in the window. I opened my eye just enough to catch his grumpy face pressed against the glass. I tried so hard not to laugh, but seeing King with his face smoothed against the glass was just too much for me… I let loose, and everyone else looked up and they laughed too!


Oh… they weren’t happy.  “Not funny, Kay!” Too-Tired whined.

We all waved goodbye to Too-Tired and King.

See ya later, alligator… er… Crabbies!

And that’s how we fooled the Crabbies!



Turn the Crabbies upside down!

Hi Everyone!

As you all know, King Crabbie likes to be in charge of EVERYTHING!!

Before I was a CrabbieMaster (BIWACM), I had some tough days and that meant tough weekends for my whole family!

I would be all excited, looking forward to the weekend, and next thing I knew I was in a big argument with Jay. Before long, Mom and Dad would be upset with us both.

It’s different now that we are all CrabbieMasters, and with Jay and me being Kids-In-Charge! King does not like that we know how to take charge every day, and he especially doesn’t like it on the weekends. When we are in charge, the Crabbies have nothing to do. They get so bored watching us have all kinds of fun!

You can be a Kid-In-Charge too!

There are just 4 main things to do to drive the Crabbies away:

Remember the #1 Rule: BE NICE!

#2 – Have fun without being wild!

#3 – Listen the FIRST time!

#4 – Beat the Too-Tired Crabbie

CrabbieMaster Kay CrabbieMaster Jay

Jay and I will talk more about Kids-In-Charge in the future, but for now I will leave you with a sure line to make your weekend a success.

Are you ready?

When your mom and dad are scrambling to get chores done so you can all go do whatever it is you are looking forward to doing, you ask, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  These 8 little words throw the Crabbies world






Go for it, become a Kid-In-Charge and make it a great weekend!