Weekend fun!

YAY! It’s the weekend.

Jay and Kay are so excited. They have lots of fun things planned.

Saturday morning, they are going to breakfast. They’ve been saving their change for a rainy day. It’s not raining but they are looking forward to eating out at a restaurant so their mom can have a break for cooking.

Jay wants pancakes with a side of fruit.

Kay will order scrambled eggs.

When they’ve finished eating, they are going shopping to buy their mom a birthday present. Mrs. Gray is having a birthday Sunday.

The best part of the weekend is knowing the Crabbies won’t ruin the day! That’s right! No Crabbies because Jay and Kay aren’t going to eat any junk food, they will eat when they are supposed to and not be too busy to stop to eat, they are going to get a good night’s sleep and they will be on time.

That means NO CRABBIES. Jay and Kay will have birthday cake but they will have one piece with strawberries and they won’t overeat.

Sweets are okay to have in moderation. One piece of cake is fine. Eating the whole cake isn’t fine! Always share with your guests!

When the party is over, Jay and Kay are going to turn off their electronics and read a book.

We here at  Team Crabbies hope your weekend is just as much fun!

Movie Time!

Sometimes… not too often, but sometimes… the Crabbies aren’t all that bad. Like last night. They went to the movies. Yes, crabs can get into the movie theater. Best of all for them, they only have to pay half-price.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. Get-Along wouldn’t agree with what movie to see. No matter what movie King suggested, Get-Along didn’t want to see it.

After a lot of bickering, the Crabbies agreed to go see Finding Nemo.







They had a good time. Not only did they enjoy the movie, but they discovered that one of their relatives made a brief guest appearance!

Well, that did it! The Crabbies want to be movie stars. The last we saw them, they were headed to Disney to try out for the leading role in a new movie.

We didn’t tell them that all the movie studios are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

See you next time!

Hurrah for Friday!

CrabbiesFriday is here and that means the weekend is here! No school and no work for many of us.

We are excited to have some outdoor playtime and share some good habits with our friends… like eating right and getting along and helping someone to try to do something they think they can’t do.

We are well prepared to keep the Crabbies away. But look…

They are in a meeting, plotting and scheming. We know what they’re doing.

Listen… we can hear them…

King: It’s the weekend, do you know what that means?

Crabbies all together: Yes!

King: It means it’s time to ruin the day. Saturday and Sunday. Ruin, ruin, ruin!

Junk-Food: This is too easy. I will shower kids everywhere with candy and gooey treat and tasty sweets.

Achy: I’ll be working with Junk-Food to make sure tummy aches are EVERYWHERE!

King: Good, good. And, Hungry, what will you do?

Hungry: Why, I’ll make sure all the kids are too busy playing to stop to eat. And when they do finally eat, I’ll make sure they pick, pick, pick.

King: Excellent. How about you, Get-Along?

Get-Along: Ohhh, I know just what to do to get kids to not share and maybe even make fun of one another’s hair.

King: Perfect. Keep those kids feeling crabby. They won’t get along at all.

Cant-Do: I have a plan! I will make sure when kids try something new, they fail. A second time they won’t try, and they’ll cry and cry.

King: Genius! And Hurry-Up–

Kay: STOP RIGHT THERE! You will NOT be going anywhere.

Jay: That’s right. If you want to do something fun over the weekend, go to the beach and visit your relatives.

King: Hmmm. We’ll see about that.

Kay: There’s nothing to see, King. Go play in the sand! Go play in the ocean! We know what you like and we won’t do it! We know what you don’t like, and we get right to it!

Jay: Look, Kay! They’re running away!

Kay: See you later–NOT, Crabbies.

And so, Jay and Kay and CrabbieMasters around the world set out to enjoy their weekend. And we hope you do too!


Team CrabbieMasters

Happy Saturday!

Can you see Get-Along sneaking around behind the children?  You can also see that the children don’t care. That’s right, Get-Along. They aren’t paying any attention to you!

Get-Along wants no one to get along. He loves squabbles and arguments and children who won’t share. He loves children who won’t take turns and who won’t do as they’re told. He loves, loves, loves when everyone gets so mad they won’t play together. He loves it when kids pick on one another. He’s not very nice. No, he’s not.

So if you see this fella lurking around, be sure to send him away. Don’t let him ruin your day and ruin your play!

He’s quite sneaky, but Miss Becky has a good remedy to make him go away.

Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully


Don’t try this at home

Easter is coming and that means CANDY! Yes, candy. Candy, candy, candy.

Don’t do what Jay and Kay did. When the Easter Bunny came last year, he left them each a big chocolate egg. Instead of listening to their mom and dad, they ate the whole thing in one day! That’s right! Mom and Dad said eat a little bit today, and save some for tomorrow and the next day.

But, no… guess who got the better of Jay and Kay? You guessed it! Achy! Achy Crabbie, crabby, sick, illness, fever

Of course, once Achy arrived, he called in… you guessed it! Too-Tired, the worst Crabbie in the whole wide world and the universe too.

Too-Tired Crabbie, crabby, tired, sleepy

Jay and Kay were sick and that made them tired. Achy and Too-Tired were so happy. They love Easter, so be on the lookout for them so they don’t ruin your day.

On holidays, if Hungry or Achy or Too-Tired or Get-Along or Junk-Food or King or Can’t-Do or Hurry-Up show up, it’s not unusual for the entire Crabbie crew to be sneaking around.

No way will Jay and Kay let that happen again. This Easter, they will listen to the adults and won’t eat all their candy in one day!

Just remember–You can be a CrabbieMaster and beat the Crabbies too!


Are you tired today?

Yesterday, we sprang ahead an hour and today some of you are feeling it. The blah, tired feeling as we try to adjust to losing an hour’s sleep.

This is a day Too-Tired loves. He’s been prancing around, singing a song. It goes like this:

La la la la

La la la

Are you tired today?

I knew I’d get my way.

Drag your feet, sleepy head

Let the yawning spread.

La la la la

La la la.

Oh, look! It’s time for bed!

Yes, Too-Tired thinks he’s a rock star. He has learned rhyming words, so he’s really full of himself.

We know for some it can be a hard day as we adjust to the time difference. Some of you are lucky and live where there’s no changing the clocks ever! For those of us who must, we may have lost an hour’s sleep, but we gained an hour of daylight, and an hour of daylight means were closer to spring.


We hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight!

Too-Tired Crabbie, crabby, tired, sleepy


This is how we roll!

We know we’ve explained this before, but we have so much fun we want to show you more! This is a page of one of our books, which is coming together nicely!

All of us at CrabbieMasters are excited to see our pages finished, and we are amazed at how easy it is to work with someone who is halfway across the country!

Skype brings us together so we can brainstorm, review, revise, and have fun while working. This clip shows all of the CrabbieMasters. We know some of you can probably name all, or most of them. And some of you won’t know any of them, but no worries. When our books come out, you’ll get to know them all.

Skype is, of course, something kids should only use with adult supervision and you must be 18 to have an account. But… if you’re thinking of a career in illustration but you don’t like to travel, apps like Skype can bring people together from all over the world. Any career that requires coordinating can now be done with apps like Skype and FaceTime.

It’s amazing what technology can do!

We should have known…

Where have we been? Well, it’s a long story but we’ll make it short. Get-Along didn’t think we made him look favorable enough in our last blog post, so he made an appearance and brought Can’t-Do with him.

The CrabbieMasters Team had to wrangle with a malfunctioning website. We knew Get-Along and Can’t-Do were causing our problems, but we couldn’t catch them.

Crabbies can be very sneaky, and sometimes they succeed in getting into our day. We knew we needed Paul, our IT guy. He came to the rescue as did all the other CrabbieMasters. With everyone ‘Powered-Up,’ we were able to get our website back up.

We hope too many of you weren’t inconvenienced. Some said they could still get to our page, but others said they couldn’t. And… we couldn’t for a while.

We put Can’t-Do and Get-Along on notice. They won’t be messing with our website anymore!

We’ll be back tomorrow with something fun for all you kids! Until then, be sure to keep the Crabbies away from your computer!

Bye for now,

Team CrabbieMasters

We should have known!

Hurry-Up read the blog post about King and left a comment. He wants his own post, and he asked us to mention that he’s charming and handsome. Well… we honored the request. (You can read his comment under our Spotlight on King post.)

Hurry-Up is a Crabbie who irritates the adults more than kids. You see, when adults are in a rush or need to be someplace at a certain time, kids can diddle-daddle (one of Hurry-Up’s favorite words) and make the adult late. So, Hurry-Up gets all excited when Mom or Dad or the teacher or any adult has to say, “Let’s go!” And the more the adult has to say it, the more Hurry-Up likes it. He gets so excited, he might even call for Can’t-Do or Get-Along.

Say you’re playing a game and Mom calls to you to remind you that you have to leave in ten minutes to drop your sister off at her swim meet. It’s time to wash up and put your shoes on. Five minutes later, she has to remind you again. When there’s only one minute left, Mom might be a little impatient and her gentle voice becomes a bit harsh.

“I can’t get ready that fast,” you say. ” Can’t-Do surely will come running when he hears the word “can’t.” And it gets worse. Sissy is late and she’s getting crabby.

“Hurry up. I’m going to be late, you little…”

“Did I hear someone call for me?” Get-Along shouts as he rushes to the scene. “Little what? Come on… say it! Tell me! Don’t hold back!”

And that’s how you end up with not one, but three Crabbies just waiting to ruin your day.

We hope Hurry-Up likes how we explained his role. If he doesn’t, we here at Team Crabbie are sure we’ll hear from him. We’ll just remind him how charming he is.

Until next time, keep the Crabbie’s away!

Team CrabbieMasters