Use Too-Tired to Beat Too-Tired

Too-Tired truly is the Worst Crabbie in the Universe, but with good tricks to beat him he can be brought under control like any other Crabbie. 🙂

The good news is we can actually use the Too-Tired Crabbie himself to motivate your child to want to sleep!

Too-Tired Crabbie holding brown bear in his left arm.


Here’s how it works:

Generally speaking, the way we teach kids to beat the Crabbies is to learn what they like and then do just the opposite. “We know what they like! We just don’t do it!”

Over the years I have figured out how to approach this. Rather than focusing on the need for sleep directly, I focus on one of the consequences of not sleeping.

The key reality for Too-Tired is that he does not like to have fun!

He is simply Too-Tired.

Too-Tired Crabbie with giant hand to mouth closed eyes yawn

As CrabbieMasters Jay and Kay point out in a few excerpts from Here Comes Too-Tired:

Too-Tired Crabbie riding a trike, going on a hike, singing, and not liking it.


And as Too-Tired confirms:

Too-Tired Crabbie swimming, lifting weights, playing ball and not liking it.

But kids DO love to have fun!

So, what I focus on is the fact that by not sleeping, napping, resting, or having any quiet time,

Too-Tired doesn’t have any energy and he misses out on all the fun!

If you don’t want to miss out on fun, “Beat Too-Tired!”


Our goal in writing the CrabbieMasters Beat the Crabbies series of books is to model real-life experiences where Crabbies sneak into the day and model what CrabbieMasters do to take charge.

In the same way the book is a model for the consequences of Too-Tired, there will be times when your child lives these consequences. You will be getting ready to go to the park and he will have a meltdown because you asked him to put on his shoes by himself or you will be at the beach and she will start screaming because she wanted the blue sand shovel, not the red one! These are times to be the CrabbieMaster leader and point out that the fun is being spoiled by the Too-Tired Crabbie.

I stress that you should only point it out in the moment if you can manage to do it in a non-emotional supportive way. Otherwise, recognize it yourself, get past the situation, and then bring it up after the child has had some sleep. It does not feel good to your child when they lose control. A well-rested child will see the relationship between the meltdown and being tired. Now you will be able to talk about sleep being the way to beat the Too-Tired Crabbie so that he does not spoil the fun. In fact, it was after one of those meltdowns that a five -year old child woke up from the nap she had fought and announced, “Too-Tired is the Worst Crabbie in the Universe!”


Make it a great day!

Becky 🙂

A Crabbie vacation

What happens when eight Crabbies go on vacation?

We here at Team CrabbieMasters are chuckling. It appears the Crabbies aren’t able to agree on what to do on vacation.

“I want to go to the movies and eat lots of popcorn,” Junk-Food said.

“No, it’s nice outside. Let’s go camping,” King said.

“I want to skate all around town,” Hurry-Up said.

Too-Tired shook his head. “I’m too tired to go anywhere. Let’s just hang out.”

“I don’t want to do any of those things,” said Get-Along. “Let’s go to the beach.”

“No,” Achy said. “My tummy hurts. I want to have a stay-cation.”

King raised his scepter. “No one said we have to vacation together. So, go do your own thing. We will meet back here later.”

“That’s not right!” Get-Along said. “We should all go together and do what I want to do.”

“No way. We need to do what I want to do. I’m hungry!” said Hungry.

“Stop!” King shouted. “We can’t get along so go do whatever you want and meet back here later.”

After 20 minutes of squabbling, Junk-Food left for the movies, and the others soon went and did their own thing too.

As for Jay and Kay, they decided, without arguing, to just hang out.


Have a safe and happy weekend!


Too-Tired takes control!

Hi all! It’s me, Too-Tired. I’ll be doing the writing today. You see, Miss Becky is out on a lake somewhere, in a canoe, enjoying the sun and having a good time. But… she forgot to close her computer, so here I am! Tee hee! Miss Becky, you’ve been hacked!

So… this is what I want you all to know. I am NOT the worst Crabbie in the universe. Nope. Not me. I love making you all tired and crabby, but that doesn’t make me the worst Crabbie. Nope. Not me.

I am going to make Miss Becky tired. Sun and fun can really tire out humans, but not me. We crabs live in sand and water. We love the sun and we love fun. It’s an easy day for me. I have the sun and fun to help me. Tee hee!

Uh oh! Here comes CrabbieMasters Jay and Kay. I’ll hide until they go away.

Hello friends! Jay here. CrabbieMaster Jay

Pay no attention to Too-Tired. He thinks he’s not the worst Crabbie in the universe, but he is! And… he should not be touching anyone’s computer without permission. He may think he outsmarted Miss Becky, but he didn’t. She’s coming in the door right now, and she’s not tired at all. She’s carrying a big, heavy bag and she’s singing a song. That’s right, Too-Tired. Time for you to leave.

Hi there! Kay here. CrabbieMaster Kay

Pay no attention to silly Too-Tired. He thinks he’s clever, but he’s not. Oh look! Miss Becky is shooing him away. She told him not to come back today or any day!

He’s running out the door with his claws between his legs. Poor Too-Tired, NOT.


Shhhh… can you hear them?

We knew it. We just knew it. The Crabbies are at it again. They thought after the Independence Day celebrations that there would be some overly tired and crabby kids out there somewhere.

The Crabbies are plotting and we can hear them. Shhhh…

King: Let’s target kids who were camping and kids whose parents grilled outside. Let’s target kids who were at the beach and kids who Jay and Kay don’t know.

Junk-Food: Great idea! I know I can find some kids who ate too many S’mores. Achy, you with me? 

Achy: I’m on it, pal.

King: Perfect, perfect. Now… how about the rest of you?

Too-Tired: I’ll find some campers. I know sometimes they like to stay up late and tell spooky stories and then get up early. Oh, the fun I will have finding crabby campers!

King: Sounds like a good plan. Who else?

Hurry-Up: Me! Me! I know how kids can make mom and dad late for work after a long weekend of no work and all play! I can ruin their day!

King: Get on it, Hurry-Up! Next?

Get-Along: I’ll find campers too! After all that time together, the kids might not be getting along. You know, like we don’t get along sometimes. I’m sure I can find a few crabby kids.

Can’t-Do: I’ll head to the beach. I’m sure there I can find at least one kid afraid of the water. There will be at least one kid who won’t even toe-dip. Ha, ha! I know it! I know it!

Hungry: I have the easy task! I can go anywhere and find kids so busy playing they don’t stop to eat. Then, they will be so hungry, when they do eat, they’ll pick, pick, pick.

Hurry-Up: Okay, let’s do it. Follow me.

King: Go everyone. I’ll wait here for you to return with your reports.

After hearing this, Team CrabbieMasters knew we had to jump into action!

Miss Becky: You silly Crabbies. You know we know how to beat you today and every day. Look at the fun we have! We don’t get overly tired and we don’t eat too much Junk-Food. We know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to eat. We all get along and we encourage one another to try something we aren’t sure we can do. When it’s time to go, we go without a fuss. Sorry, but you’ll have to go back to King and tell him that you didn’t have any luck. Maybe you should go back to the beach and enjoy the day, and try not to get in anyone’s way.

Junk-Food: Miss Becky, you and the CrabbieMasters sure know how to ruin our day!

Miss Becky: Whether it’s a holiday weekend or a nice summer day, we won’t let you get in our way! See you later, alligator!

Hurry-up: Uh oh. Did she say alligator? I’m out of here. Hurry up, guys!

And we all laughed as the Crabbies ran off. Some days it’s real easy to chase the Crabbies away!



We hear you, Junk-Food

Yup, sometimes it happens–jealousy. We write about one Crabbie and another one whines that he’s not getting any publicity. Today, it was Junk-Food. He wants you all to know he’s gearing up for the long weekend too. He’s ready with candy and ice cream and cookies and soda and… and… and… well, he’s ready to be a sugar pusher.

That’s right. And he’s pretty proud that he has mounds and mounds of sugary treats. Fortunately, the CrabbieMasters know what to do. They will POWER-UP to get rid of you, Junk-Food.









Now, we know Junk-Food won’t like this post but bad publicity is better than no publicity! Be on the lookout for Junk-Food today and every day. He can be quite sneaky.

We know he wants us to say something nice about him, so we will. When the CrabbieMasters send Junk-Food away, he goes quietly because his mouth is filled with junk food! And he goes away quickly because he’s filled with sugar. We laugh when we watch hyper-quiet Junk-Food leave.

Don’t forget–where there’s Junk-Food, Achy’s not far behind.

We here at CrabbieMasters headquarters have been busy. We are fortunate that someone overheard King and his plan to have all the Crabbies invade our day.

This is what we heard, thanks to King being a little too boisterous:

King: “Everyone gather round. We’re going to have some fun today!”

Too-Tired: “Yippee! I’ve been so bored this week.”

Achy: “It’s about time. I’ve been lugging around this thermometer and I’ve had not one mouth to stick it in.”

Junk-Food: “No worries Achy. I’ve got your back. I’ll have you running all over taking temperatures.”

Hurry-Up: “Come on! I can’t wait! Let’s go! Let’s do it!”

Can’t-Do: “This is going to be so much fun!”

Get-Along: “Just tell me what to do, and I won’t do it! Ha, ha! Here I come!

Hungry: “Hey, don’t forget me! I’ll help find those empty bellies!”

King: “Okay, we’ll go on the count of three. We’ll start on the West coast and work our way East.”

Can’t-Do: “But it’s cold in the East.”

King: “Are you practicing, Can’t-Do? Or are you living up to your name?”

Can’t-Do: “Tee hee. I’m practicing!”

Jay: “Wait! King, I heard everything you said.”

Kay: “Yes, I heard all of you, too! Now, scram. We know what you like; we just don’t do it! We know what you don’t like; we get right to it!” So, why not go to play in the sand and behave yourselves.”

King: “CrabbieMasters! ShmabbieMasters! We’ll leave now, but we will be back another day!”

We are glad that Jay and Kay overheard King and were able to stop the Crabbies from ruining the day for a lot of people! We hope you’re on the lookout for them too!

See you next time!

Team CrabbieMasters


Hello March!

March is finally here! That means spring is just around the corner.

For many of us, it means more outside activities. Running, jumping, playing ball, picnicking, camping and all sorts of fun things that winter often doesn’t allow us to do.

Being outside in the fresh air helps to keep us healthy. That’s good news for us and bad news for the Crabbies. They don’t want us to be active and healthy. Achy would have nothing to do. Too-Tired might not be too happy either. Of course, Hungry wants you to be outside having so much fun you forget to eat, but we know you won’t let that happen.

Spring also means flowers and birds and the arrival of Easter.

We are looking forward to spring and the nice weather. We are also looking forward to hearing from some of the publishers we have submitted our books to. Fingers and toes crossed!

Enjoy the first day of March

Team CrabbieMasters

We should have known…

Where have we been? Well, it’s a long story but we’ll make it short. Get-Along didn’t think we made him look favorable enough in our last blog post, so he made an appearance and brought Can’t-Do with him.

The CrabbieMasters Team had to wrangle with a malfunctioning website. We knew Get-Along and Can’t-Do were causing our problems, but we couldn’t catch them.

Crabbies can be very sneaky, and sometimes they succeed in getting into our day. We knew we needed Paul, our IT guy. He came to the rescue as did all the other CrabbieMasters. With everyone ‘Powered-Up,’ we were able to get our website back up.

We hope too many of you weren’t inconvenienced. Some said they could still get to our page, but others said they couldn’t. And… we couldn’t for a while.

We put Can’t-Do and Get-Along on notice. They won’t be messing with our website anymore!

We’ll be back tomorrow with something fun for all you kids! Until then, be sure to keep the Crabbies away from your computer!

Bye for now,

Team CrabbieMasters

Be on the lookout for Junk-Food

The weekend is here and it’s Junk-Food’s favorite time of the week. Why? Because that’s when kids (and even adults) have a tendency to indulge and sometimes over-indulge in sweets and unhealthy foods.

Junk-Food gears up for this every Friday morning. He fills himself with a sugar overload and gets ready to sneak into the day of an unsuspecting family.

“Get ready, Achy! There’s going to be lots of kiddie’s taking a trip to the candy store. There’s going to be lots of adults eating doughnuts, ice cream, candy, and MORE candy. I can’t wait.”

Junk-Food Crabbie, crabby



“I’m ready,” said Achy. “I am ready to give stomach aches to those over-indulgers. The CrabbieMasters won’t be able to stop us. We are weekend warriors!”Achy Crabbie, crabby, sick, illness, fever

“Oh, please!” said Kay. We are CrabbieMasters. We know what to do and we get right to it. We know eating too much junk food isn’t good. We know too much sugar will give us energy that won’t last. We want energy that will last the whole day.”

CrabbieMaster Kay

“You are too funny, Kay,” laughed Junk-Food. “I know you are going to a birthday party this weekend. I know you will eat too much candy and cake.”

“Silly crab. I know when I’ve had enough. I won’t overindulge,” Kay said.

“Looks like I won’t have anything to do this weekend,” Achy pouted. “I may as well go to the beach.”

“Don’t go far Achy,” Junk-Food said. “Maybe it won’t be Kay, but I will find someone who will eat too many sweets!”

“Oh, Junk-Food, just go away. Go find something else to do. The CrabbieMasters won’t let you ruin the day… or the weekend. So, goodbye!”

We here at Team CrabbieMasters hope you have a happy, safe weekend!


Image: Flickr/Sonya Holland

Jay and Kay have good news!

The Crabbies are on the move… as in movie. That’s right! There’s a possibility that the CrabbieMasters will make it to the big screen… or the small screen… or a computer screen.

Jay and Kay have convinced “Team CrabbieMasters” to hire a screenwriter to write a script that could be turned into an animated television show or movie. The team thought it would be a good idea and the Crabbies are all excited to think that they might be brought to life… more than they are now that is.

Animated Crabbies would be very cool, don’t you think? Imagine watching King lead the gang live and in Technicolor!

King Crabbie, crabby, leader

Jay and Kay gathered all the CrabbieMasters and called for the Crabbies to come meet them under the big oak tree.

“I have great news for you all,” Jay told the Crabbies as they looked at him puzzled. After all, it’s not every day, or even any day, that the CrabbieMasters want the Crabbies to come around.

“Team CrabbieMasters held a meeting and we have decided to hire a screenwriter to write a script,” Kay said. “You will be the stars.”

“Stars?” King said. “What’s are stars? Like the stars in the sky?”

“You aren’t sending me into space,” cried Get-Along.

Too-Tired pointed to the sky. “No way am I going up there!”

“Calm down, Crabbies! You aren’t going to be stars like in the sky. You’re going to be stars like movie stars,” Jay said. “You know… like SpongeBob.”

The Crabbies were happy to hear they weren’t going to be sent up into space. “You mean, I could be as famous as Mr. Krabs?” Junk-Food asked.

“That’s what we’re hoping,” said Kay. “It’s only a start, but we have a dedicated team and we promise to do whatever it takes.”

King lifted his head high. “I hope the camera picks up my good side.”

“King, if we can get you animated, we’ll get your good side,” Kay laughed.

And so, the Crabbies excitedly walked away as did Jay and Kay.

Team CrabbieMasters is excited too! We will keep you posted on our progress.