Spotlight on King

Spotlight on King

Wouldn’t you know it? King, the leader of the Crabbies, told Team Crabbie that he was not happy because he wasn’t featured on our blog.

We wanted to do something about it, so we are featuring King. He has an important job (He asked us to say that) because he comes up with different ways to ruin the day and send in the appropriate Crabbies to do so. He’s very smart (He asked us to say that too) and he’s quite handsome (You guessed it… he asked).

The Crabbies don’t always need King. Sometimes they come up with ideas on their own to sneak in and ruin the day, but King didn’t want you to know that. He wants you to think he’s the only idea generator. We have to admit, King does try very hard to come up with new ways to ruin the day. He often holds meetings with the other Crabbies to brainstorm. Crabbies

We’ve captured a few of these meetings on our camera phones and asked our illustrator to draw them. Sometimes Miss Becky will look out the window of her preschool and see the Crabbies gathered. She knows when they’re close by that it’s time to be on the lookout to be sure they don’t sneak into the classroom. Once in a while, King will peek in the window and Becky will shoo him away.

There you have it. King has his blog post. He’s a good leader (He asked us to say that) and he’s a bit full of himself (We say that)!

Until next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Team CrabbieMasters



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One thought on “Spotlight on King

Hurry-Up says:

Hey Team CrabbieMasters, I see you featured King. I want a feature too! You don’t have much about me on this here site and I want equal time!!

Sincerely yours,


PS- don’t forget to mention how charming and handsome I am.

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