Shhhh… can you hear them?

Shhhh… can you hear them?

We knew it. We just knew it. The Crabbies are at it again. They thought after the Independence Day celebrations that there would be some overly tired and crabby kids out there somewhere.

The Crabbies are plotting and we can hear them. Shhhh…

King: Let’s target kids who were camping and kids whose parents grilled outside. Let’s target kids who were at the beach and kids who Jay and Kay don’t know.

Junk-Food: Great idea! I know I can find some kids who ate too many S’mores. Achy, you with me? 

Achy: I’m on it, pal.

King: Perfect, perfect. Now… how about the rest of you?

Too-Tired: I’ll find some campers. I know sometimes they like to stay up late and tell spooky stories and then get up early. Oh, the fun I will have finding crabby campers!

King: Sounds like a good plan. Who else?

Hurry-Up: Me! Me! I know how kids can make mom and dad late for work after a long weekend of no work and all play! I can ruin their day!

King: Get on it, Hurry-Up! Next?

Get-Along: I’ll find campers too! After all that time together, the kids might not be getting along. You know, like we don’t get along sometimes. I’m sure I can find a few crabby kids.

Can’t-Do: I’ll head to the beach. I’m sure there I can find at least one kid afraid of the water. There will be at least one kid who won’t even toe-dip. Ha, ha! I know it! I know it!

Hungry: I have the easy task! I can go anywhere and find kids so busy playing they don’t stop to eat. Then, they will be so hungry, when they do eat, they’ll pick, pick, pick.

Hurry-Up: Okay, let’s do it. Follow me.

King: Go everyone. I’ll wait here for you to return with your reports.

After hearing this, Team CrabbieMasters knew we had to jump into action!

Miss Becky: You silly Crabbies. You know we know how to beat you today and every day. Look at the fun we have! We don’t get overly tired and we don’t eat too much Junk-Food. We know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to eat. We all get along and we encourage one another to try something we aren’t sure we can do. When it’s time to go, we go without a fuss. Sorry, but you’ll have to go back to King and tell him that you didn’t have any luck. Maybe you should go back to the beach and enjoy the day, and try not to get in anyone’s way.

Junk-Food: Miss Becky, you and the CrabbieMasters sure know how to ruin our day!

Miss Becky: Whether it’s a holiday weekend or a nice summer day, we won’t let you get in our way! See you later, alligator!

Hurry-up: Uh oh. Did she say alligator? I’m out of here. Hurry up, guys!

And we all laughed as the Crabbies ran off. Some days it’s real easy to chase the Crabbies away!





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