Getting along with Get-Along

Getting along with Get-Along

Whew! It’s been a long few days as we’ve been wrangling with Get-Along. You see, Get-Along got a little bit jealous (okay, a lot jealous) of King and Hurry-Up because they were featured on our blog. So… Get-Along tried to ruin the day, actually a few days, but we finally got him in line.

Before we did, he was everywhere. First, he snuck in the window at Miss Becky’s preschool. Her students knew right away what to do. They put Get-Along on notice and they sent him away. We here at Team CrabbieMasters thought that would be the end of Get-Along’s attempts, but no. Guess where he went next? He went to Jenna’s house. Do you remember Jenna? We introduced her in our last post. Well… Get-Along rang her doorbell and knocked and rang some more.

“Let me in,” Get-Along shouted.

“Who’s there?” Jenna asked.

“It’s me, Get-Along, and I want in. You were featured on Team CrabbieMasters blog, and I want equal time.”

“Sorry, Get-Along. I don’t do the blog. You need to take your complaint elsewhere and do it nicely,” Jenna politely said.

“Fine! Some help you are!” Get-Along squealed as he stormed off.

We thought that was the end of it, but the next day, who rang Miss Becky’s doorbell? You guessed it!

Miss Becky knew just what to do, and Get-Along… well, he finally gave up. But… he is getting featured. You see, sometimes when we don’t get along with someone, others see it or hear about it. So, it’s important to always try to get along with everyone 🙂


Until the next time, stay happy!

Team CrabbieMasters




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