CrabbieMasters are children who know how to Beat the Crabbies!Learning to beat the Crabbies is pretty easy. Just read about them to see what they like - then, do just the opposite!

Here's a short saying we use to remind ourselves just how simple it is:

 “We know what they like. We just don’t do it!
  We know what they don’t like. We get right to it!”

As CrabbieMasters, children learn how to be in charge of their feelings, attitudes, and behaviors.

As our motto, "Imaginary Fun. Real Results." suggests, children relate to the Crabbies on a fun and playful level. At the same time, parents appreciate knowing the skills and values children develop make a difference at home, on the playground, in the classroom, and beyond. It's a good foundation for lifelong skills.

Meet CrabbieMasters Jay and Kay. As the main characters in our book series, they show everyone how to be CrabbieMasters.


Hi there! I’m Jay. My sister, Kay, and I are the lead CrabbieMasters. In our new book series we show you how to beat the Crabbies. Each and every one of them! 


kayheadHello! I’m Kay. My brother and I have fun being CrabbieMasters and love to beat the Crabbies. We want to show you how to beat them and keep them away. We are excited to have our book series so close to print! A special shout out to Erik Lervold for his incredible gift as an illustrator. Here’s one of his sketches.



                         As you can see, Jay and Kay have a bunch of fun-loving CrabbieMaster friends. They are excited to have you on the team!