Valentine’s Day Is Just No Fun

King here! I am taking over the blog today since Becky is so busy with all her little CrabbieMasters and their Goody Goody Wacky Week Fun!

Just as Get-Along and I team up with the Ice-Cold Crabbie to make more plans to ruin their days, she pulls this stunt.

Get-Along Crabbie with his red boxing gloves on and his tongue sticking out.Ice-Cold Crabbie shivering.


We should not be surprised. She does this Wacky thing every year at this time.

Her little CrabbieMasters celebrate that awful holiday ❤️❤️❤️ Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️ with all kinds of “friendship baloney!”

I for one am pretty sick of it. They are always talking about their number one rule: “Be Nice!”

Just look at this picture we found on the CrabbieMaster website. It is one example of the things we have to put up with.


Preschool group hug.

King Crabbie looking up to left.Gag!


Today we are not even going to bother hanging around. They’ll be exchanging Valentines and we won’t have a chance. We had our fill already this week. They all brought something for what they called a Friendship Snack.

Everyone was going crazy thanking each other. You would have thought they had learned how to fly they were so excited.  Yesterday, they all went sledding. That was quite possibly The Worst. All that laughing. We were sort of hoping we could at least see a crash, but their second rule is “Have fun without being wild,” so forget it if you think someone is going to walk up the sledding path and someone else is going to come down the hill and send anyone flying. We tried to hang around waiting for that and it just isn’t happening.

Don’t even get me started on their “listen the first time” rule! I can’t tell you how many times I have sent Hurry-Up over there hoping to get things going. Do you know what he reported? They all pitch in! They have actually been heard to say, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

And worst of all, Too-Tired has no control anymore. He used to be my ‘go to Crabbie’ because what kid wants to go to bed at night or worse yet, take a nap? CrabbieMasters do! They are onto the fact that Too-Tired wants to spoil their fun. They call it Powering-Up!

That’s it for now – maybe we can find some other bunch to annoy!

King Crabbie leaving the scene with staff raised high.

Please, decide to make it a bad day!





Here they are!

Jay and Kay and all of us at Team Crabbie are happy to show you the book covers for our series.


Becky Undlin, CrabbieMasters, Crabby, children's books


We look forward to showing you what’s inside!

The Crabbies go to Myrtle Beach

The funniest thing happened when the Crabbies took a short vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Yes, even the Crabbies take a vacation every now and then.

When they went into a souvenir shop, Too-Tired, Achy and Hungry started screaming! OH NO! OH NO!

“What’s all the commotion?” King asked.

“Look!” Too-Tired cried. “We need to get out of here before… before… that happens to us.”

“What happens to us?” King asked, completely perplexed.

“T-th-th-that,” Achy stuttered.

There, hanging on the wall, were magnets. And they looked a little too familiar to the Crabbies.


“Look what they did to one of us!” Get-Along cried. “We need to get out of here. FAST!”

Hurry-Up couldn’t leave the shop fast enough. “No way is am I going to be hung on that wall,” he said.

King laughed. “That’s not a real crab. That’s a make-believe one.”

“You… you mean it’s not real?” asked Can’t-Do.

“Whew,” Jumk-Food said, wiping his brow.

And so the Crabbies went to the beach, happy that they weren’t going to become magnets.

It’s probably not a good time to show them the CrabbieMasters magnet board! 


Crabbies in the Big Apple

What happens when the Crabbies take a trip to the Big Apple? Oh… here’s what we saw and heard.

King: Come on, will you get on the subway so we aren’t late? King Crabbie, crabby, leader

Hurry-Up: Late for what? We have no where to go.Hurry-Up Crabbie, crabby, rushed

King: Yes, we do. We are on a tight schedule, so come along!

Get-Along: Did you call me, King?  Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully


King: No, no. I said come along.

Too-Tired: But I’m too tired.Too-Tired Crabbie, crabby, tired, sleepy

Can’t-Do: No, no. I am not getting on the subway.Can't-Do Crabbie, crabby, scared, frightened

King: Well, you must. We have no other way to get around.

Hungry: Will someone make up their mind. I’m hungry, and I want to eat. Hungry Crabbie, crabby



King: What a bunch of crabby Crabbies! We leave home for one day… one day… we are here to have a nice time, and you do nothing but RUIN THE DAY! Look at how pretty it is here.


Achy Crabbie, crabby, sick, illness, fever
Achy: My claws hurt from all this walking. Can we please do what King asked and get on the subway?


Junk-Food: Yeah! Let’s get on the subway. They have lots of gooey goodies there.Junk-Food Crabbie, crabby


King: Oh, Junk-Food. The subway is a ride. It’s not a place to get gooey goodies. Now, all of you… hop on! We are going to tour the Big Apple. Look around, there are so many people who aren’t CrabbieMasters. We can ruin a lot of days if we get right to it.


There you have it. A little idea of what the trip to the Big Apple was like for the Crabbies. They realize there are many of you out there who are yet to be CrabbieMasters, and we want to change that.

We beat the Crabbies every day, and we want you to too!


Too-Tired is too tired for FUN!

Every now and then, we CrabbieMasters like to mess with the Crabbies like they try to mess with us.

Listen in as a bunch of CrabbieMaster campers take on Too-Tired:

We are CrabbieMasters!

We DO like fun, and, we are wise enough to Power-Up so that we are NOT too tired for fun!

Hurrah for Friday!

CrabbiesFriday is here and that means the weekend is here! No school and no work for many of us.

We are excited to have some outdoor playtime and share some good habits with our friends… like eating right and getting along and helping someone to try to do something they think they can’t do.

We are well prepared to keep the Crabbies away. But look…

They are in a meeting, plotting and scheming. We know what they’re doing.

Listen… we can hear them…

King: It’s the weekend, do you know what that means?

Crabbies all together: Yes!

King: It means it’s time to ruin the day. Saturday and Sunday. Ruin, ruin, ruin!

Junk-Food: This is too easy. I will shower kids everywhere with candy and gooey treat and tasty sweets.

Achy: I’ll be working with Junk-Food to make sure tummy aches are EVERYWHERE!

King: Good, good. And, Hungry, what will you do?

Hungry: Why, I’ll make sure all the kids are too busy playing to stop to eat. And when they do finally eat, I’ll make sure they pick, pick, pick.

King: Excellent. How about you, Get-Along?

Get-Along: Ohhh, I know just what to do to get kids to not share and maybe even make fun of one another’s hair.

King: Perfect. Keep those kids feeling crabby. They won’t get along at all.

Cant-Do: I have a plan! I will make sure when kids try something new, they fail. A second time they won’t try, and they’ll cry and cry.

King: Genius! And Hurry-Up–

Kay: STOP RIGHT THERE! You will NOT be going anywhere.

Jay: That’s right. If you want to do something fun over the weekend, go to the beach and visit your relatives.

King: Hmmm. We’ll see about that.

Kay: There’s nothing to see, King. Go play in the sand! Go play in the ocean! We know what you like and we won’t do it! We know what you don’t like, and we get right to it!

Jay: Look, Kay! They’re running away!

Kay: See you later–NOT, Crabbies.

And so, Jay and Kay and CrabbieMasters around the world set out to enjoy their weekend. And we hope you do too!


Team CrabbieMasters

It’s May!

From all of us to all of you, happy first day of May!

Happy Easter!

      All of us at Team CrabbieMasters want to wish all of you a Happy Easter! 


Spring + Exercise = Beats Achy

Oh man! My Achy powers are really suffering now – it’s springtime! So many kids getting outside to play in the warm almost-April air, the sunshine and even in the rain. All that fun, all that energy, all that exercise!

Exercise is healthy! Yuck!

I’m an Achy Crabbie! I like couch potatoes and TV, lots and lots of just laying around. Not exercise! Exercise gets in the way of my powers to wear kids down with germs and everything else that can run down their bodies and make them feel just sick and tired and not wanting to do anything.

That’s what I like; kids laying around not doing much of anything. And then, wham! They come down with a cold or the flu, coughing and sneezing and not feeling like having any fun running or jumping or catching or throwing or kicking balls or shooting baskets or anything.

That’s my gig. Just feeling achy all over. And I love it when anyone joins me!

Warm weather, sunshine, rain to turn the grass green and make the flowers grow?

Kids outside playing in the sun with healthy bodies on the go?

I say shucks. Shuckety shucks no!

Happy Saturday!

We hope everyone is getting along without Get-Along around! We mention him today because as we finalize our script and reread what we’ve written thus far, Get-Along is somewhat of the opening star.

We are excited about the future of CrabbieMasters. We have several irons in the fire, so to speak, and we are looking forward to hearing something this spring.

No matter what, the CrabbieMasters book series will be brought to you. We are so happy to have such wonderful books for you. The test driving has been good. We’ve had no negative feedback.

Our screenwriter is enjoying the project, and we’re excited to see the final copy. We can’t share it with all of you just yet, but someday we hope you’ll see the Crabbies on the big screen, or the small screen if you don’t have a big screen.

We hope you are having a great weekend and that wherever you are, the weather is nice. Spring is just around the corner and soon the birds, bees and butterflies will be back. We are looking forward to the chirping, buzzing and wing flapping. And we are looking forward to having more CrabbieMasters like you!