Game on!

This is an exciting day! You see, the CrabbieMasters are challenging the Crabbies to a baseball game.

This all came about when the CrabbieMasters were trying to play ball in the park one day not long ago. King, Too-Tired and Hungry showed up… trying their hardest to ruin the game. Too-Tired tried to tire out the pitcher and Hungry was busy making sure no one stopped playing long enough to break for lunch.

Finally, Jay made an offer.

“Hey, King. Why don’t you get your Crabbies together and we’ll challenge you to a game of baseball.”

“You got it! Just say when,” King said.

“One week from today. Meet here at noon.”

And so the game was on…

“Strike one! Strike two! Strike three! You’re out!” The umpire called out as Kay returned to the dugout.

“Don’t worry, Kay,” Jay said. “We have two more chances.”

“It’s… it’s… it’s out of the field!”

Home run for Jay!

With a score of 1-0 at the bottom of the first, Hurry-Up took to the plate.

It’s a hit! And he’s off… first… second… third… and he’s home! He’s pretty fast in those inline skates. The score is now 1-1.

The game went on with one team scoring one point and the other team scoring one point.

Then came the tie-breaker…

Kay was at the plate. Can’t-Do was pitching. “Na, na, na, na!” Can’t-Do chanted at Kay. “You can’t do it. You can’t hit the ball. Come on, Kay, let’s see a strike.”

“Strike one!” the umpire called.





Oh no. This was it. Full count. Bases loaded. Can’t-Do taunting and teasing.

“Don’t pay attention to Can’t-Do,” Jay  yelled. “Just focus on the ball. Keep your eye on the ball.”

Kay did as Jay said, and she watched as the ball came toward her. She swung! She hit! Boy, did she hit! Over the fence and into Mrs. Wilder’s flower bed.

“Homerun!” the umpire shouted. The game was over. CrabbieMasters won! Kay was carried off the field by her teammates and the Crabbies crawled away.

Mrs. Wilder came over and handed Kay the game ball. “Great game, kids! Be sure to stop over when you leave and I’ll give you some nice peaches to take home.”

Team CrabbieMasters had a great day. They won the game and they got to pick some yummy peaches from Mrs. Wilder’s tree.

And that made everyone very happy!

Turn Our Day Around!

CrabbieMaster Anna: Hey, King!

King:  Hey yourself, Anna. What in the world are you two doing?!

Anna and Abby:  We are turning our day around!

Anna: Don’t you know, King? When we wake up in the morning, we decide to make it a good day and that’s how we beat you!

Abby: Then if something goes wrong, we just Turn Our Day Around!

King:  Whatever!

King Crabbie fooled by Instagram!

Sometimes the Crabbies like publicity–good or bad. After all, they’re Crabbies.

CrabbieMaster Kay was a bit surprised to hear King promoting our Instagram page. Here’s the link:


And here’s what King said:



“Attention Crabbies!

“You know how we love to get our picture on the Internet for the WORLD to see?! Well, CrabbieMasters has us on Instagram! As a King, I photograph quite well, and so do all of you. 🙂

“Of course, you know how the CrabbieMasters are… always telling everyone to watch out for us so we don’t ruin their day.

“Oh, how much fun we can have parading all over Instagram! The more CrabbieMasters put us there, the more fans we’ll have, and the more fans we have the more days we can ruin. We’re celebrities!

“Hip… hip… hooray!”

“Ha!” said Kay, smiling.

When she got wind of King’s silly speech she let him and the rest of the Crabbies know that they can admire their Instagram pictures all they want, but they won’t be tricking anyone.

“King, get real! We show everyone how to BEAT you and make sure you DON’T ruin the day. We use Instagram to show everyone how to make you GO AWAY!

“So, enjoy your pictures because we know they help everyone recognize you when they see you! Sorry, King. You’re off your game today. Instagram helps us, not you! Now everyone will know who to be on the lookout for – YOU!”

Turn the Crabbies upside down!

Hi Everyone!

As you all know, King Crabbie likes to be in charge of EVERYTHING!!

Before I was a CrabbieMaster (BIWACM), I had some tough days and that meant tough weekends for my whole family!

I would be all excited, looking forward to the weekend, and next thing I knew I was in a big argument with Jay. Before long, Mom and Dad would be upset with us both.

It’s different now that we are all CrabbieMasters, and with Jay and me being Kids-In-Charge! King does not like that we know how to take charge every day, and he especially doesn’t like it on the weekends. When we are in charge, the Crabbies have nothing to do. They get so bored watching us have all kinds of fun!

You can be a Kid-In-Charge too!

There are just 4 main things to do to drive the Crabbies away:

Remember the #1 Rule: BE NICE!

#2 – Have fun without being wild!

#3 – Listen the FIRST time!

#4 – Beat the Too-Tired Crabbie

CrabbieMaster Kay CrabbieMaster Jay

Jay and I will talk more about Kids-In-Charge in the future, but for now I will leave you with a sure line to make your weekend a success.

Are you ready?

When your mom and dad are scrambling to get chores done so you can all go do whatever it is you are looking forward to doing, you ask, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  These 8 little words throw the Crabbies world






Go for it, become a Kid-In-Charge and make it a great weekend!


Spotlight on King

Wouldn’t you know it? King, the leader of the Crabbies, told Team Crabbie that he was not happy because he wasn’t featured on our blog.

We wanted to do something about it, so we are featuring King. He has an important job (He asked us to say that) because he comes up with different ways to ruin the day and send in the appropriate Crabbies to do so. He’s very smart (He asked us to say that too) and he’s quite handsome (You guessed it… he asked).

The Crabbies don’t always need King. Sometimes they come up with ideas on their own to sneak in and ruin the day, but King didn’t want you to know that. He wants you to think he’s the only idea generator. We have to admit, King does try very hard to come up with new ways to ruin the day. He often holds meetings with the other Crabbies to brainstorm. Crabbies

We’ve captured a few of these meetings on our camera phones and asked our illustrator to draw them. Sometimes Miss Becky will look out the window of her preschool and see the Crabbies gathered. She knows when they’re close by that it’s time to be on the lookout to be sure they don’t sneak into the classroom. Once in a while, King will peek in the window and Becky will shoo him away.

There you have it. King has his blog post. He’s a good leader (He asked us to say that) and he’s a bit full of himself (We say that)!

Until next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Team CrabbieMasters