Go away Achy!

Junk-Food has been hanging around Team CrabbieMasters headquarters, and he’s been tempting us with all sorts of junk. Cookies and doughnuts and candy and ice cream… he wants us to eat it all in one day!

Fortunately, we know better. We know if we eat all that food… this guy will show up.

Achy Crabbie, crabby, sick, illness, fever

To keep Achy away, we chased Junk-Food away. Eating lots of sweets and goodies can be tempting, but CrabbieMasters know how to say NO!

We know you know how to say NO too!

Hooray for weekends!

It’s almost time for the weekend! That means lots of outside fun!

Jay and Kay are going on a camping trip. They love to sleep inside a tent and sit by the campfire. Of course, one of their favorite things is S’mores.

Now, Junk-Food gets all excited when he sees S’mores. But… you and I know that it’s okay to have a little chocolate and marshmallow once in a while. We just don’t overdo it, and we don’t eat like that every day of the week!

What is your favorite outside activity?

We would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment and Jay or Kay will reply.

Have a good weekend!

Team CrabbieMasters


Be on the lookout for Junk-Food

The weekend is here and it’s Junk-Food’s favorite time of the week. Why? Because that’s when kids (and even adults) have a tendency to indulge and sometimes over-indulge in sweets and unhealthy foods.

Junk-Food gears up for this every Friday morning. He fills himself with a sugar overload and gets ready to sneak into the day of an unsuspecting family.

“Get ready, Achy! There’s going to be lots of kiddie’s taking a trip to the candy store. There’s going to be lots of adults eating doughnuts, ice cream, candy, and MORE candy. I can’t wait.”

Junk-Food Crabbie, crabby



“I’m ready,” said Achy. “I am ready to give stomach aches to those over-indulgers. The CrabbieMasters won’t be able to stop us. We are weekend warriors!”Achy Crabbie, crabby, sick, illness, fever

“Oh, please!” said Kay. We are CrabbieMasters. We know what to do and we get right to it. We know eating too much junk food isn’t good. We know too much sugar will give us energy that won’t last. We want energy that will last the whole day.”

CrabbieMaster Kay

“You are too funny, Kay,” laughed Junk-Food. “I know you are going to a birthday party this weekend. I know you will eat too much candy and cake.”

“Silly crab. I know when I’ve had enough. I won’t overindulge,” Kay said.

“Looks like I won’t have anything to do this weekend,” Achy pouted. “I may as well go to the beach.”

“Don’t go far Achy,” Junk-Food said. “Maybe it won’t be Kay, but I will find someone who will eat too many sweets!”

“Oh, Junk-Food, just go away. Go find something else to do. The CrabbieMasters won’t let you ruin the day… or the weekend. So, goodbye!”

We here at Team CrabbieMasters hope you have a happy, safe weekend!


Image: Flickr/Sonya Holland