BREAKING NEWS: Crabbies Busted!
King Crabbie warns his Crabbies that CrabbieMasters know their secret weapon.

What is the Crabbies’ secret weapon? Adults who get stuck on negative and inappropriate behaviors without looking for the underlying causes of those behaviors!

King Crabbie is right! They are busted!

As CrabbieMasters, we can see beyond the behavior and figure out which Crabbies are the ones causing the behaviors.


The Hurry-Up Crabbie has mom frustrated with her child.

Frustrated because your child doesn’t hurry-up when you call him or her to get moving?

Think about this possibility. What if last night was a super late night because of a sibling’s activities and then everyone had to get up early anyway to go to school.


Maybe the only thing really going on is that the Too-Tired Crabbie is naturally ‘in charge’ until everyone can Power-Up with a good nap or night of sleep.

CrabbieMaster mom flips out and yells at Jay.


Do not take this to mean that adult CrabbieMasters ignore the behavior. You can identify the behavior as being a problem – even if we are tired we still need to get ready and go to schoolAND add some reasonable understanding along with a quick talk about how to watch out for this in the future. Wise adult CrabbieMasters recognize this as being a better approach than totally ‘losing it’ given there’s actually a good explanation for the nerve-wracking dawdling.

Make it a good day!

Becky 🙂

Give it up, Hurry-Up!

Yippee! Skippee!

My morning is going to be SOOOO great!

Jay and Kay are running late!

I hear their mom say, “Come on! Let’s Go!”

I see Jay and Kay. They are moving slow.

Well, what do you know! Ha, ha, ha! Oh, no, no, no!

Tell me it isn’t so.

I am beating Jay and Kay. I am going to have my way!

Hold on there, Hurry-Up. Not so fast!

You are not getting your way at last.

We are not slow. We know we have to go.

Mom is waiting, and we won’t make her late.

We know she has to be to work at eight.

Hurry-up, you are so wrong… so, why don’t you just run along.

There’s nothing here for you to see.

So leave by the time we count to three.





They sure know how to get rid of me 🙁



Obstacle Course Fun!

As the preschoolers were sitting with me the other day, they were recalling the obstacle course the older kids had made last summer.


One of them asked, “Miss Becky, can we do that tomorrow?”

Suddenly, three Crabbies were standing right there in front of me!


Can’t-Do shouted out, “No, no! No, you can’t! Don’t even think about it!

“You still have to help the kids sign all those autograph dogs. You can’t set up an obstacle course too! Tell them there is no time. There’s just no way. They’ll have to wait for another day.”



Hurry-Up did not agree. “Oh, Becky, tell them, ‘yes!’ Tell them this is a great plan. Tell them, ‘yes, yes, they can!’ You will be in such a rush, your brain will turn to mush!”


Hungry chimed in, “Yes! Yes! Yes! I agree with Hurry-Up! This is going to be so, so great! For me it’s great when lunch is late. Big, big meltdowns become your fate!”


While the Crabbies were talking to me, I could hear another child ask, “Can we, Miss Becky? Can we do an obstacle course tomorrow?”

This time I answered, “It would be fun, but I don’t think we can. We have to sign all the dogs tomorrow, and I have to manage that. I won’t have time to set up an obstacle course and get lunch ready too.”


One by one, the kids showed me they are CrabbieMasters:

“Miss Becky, we can’t let Can’t-Do win.”

“Half of us can sign the dogs while the other half works on the obstacle course. Then we can switch.”

“If we all pitch in, Hurry-Up won’t have a chance!”

“We can help you, Miss Becky!”

As I said, “Okay. Let’s give it a try,” I watched the three Crabbies out of the corner of my eye. I watched them quickly slump away.

“Whew!” I thought. “They almost had me today!”

How did it all work out, you ask?

Well… see for yourself!

Another fun way to keep the Crabbies at bay!


Becky 🙂

We should have known!

Hurry-Up read the blog post about King and left a comment. He wants his own post, and he asked us to mention that he’s charming and handsome. Well… we honored the request. (You can read his comment under our Spotlight on King post.)

Hurry-Up is a Crabbie who irritates the adults more than kids. You see, when adults are in a rush or need to be someplace at a certain time, kids can diddle-daddle (one of Hurry-Up’s favorite words) and make the adult late. So, Hurry-Up gets all excited when Mom or Dad or the teacher or any adult has to say, “Let’s go!” And the more the adult has to say it, the more Hurry-Up likes it. He gets so excited, he might even call for Can’t-Do or Get-Along.

Say you’re playing a game and Mom calls to you to remind you that you have to leave in ten minutes to drop your sister off at her swim meet. It’s time to wash up and put your shoes on. Five minutes later, she has to remind you again. When there’s only one minute left, Mom might be a little impatient and her gentle voice becomes a bit harsh.

“I can’t get ready that fast,” you say. ” Can’t-Do surely will come running when he hears the word “can’t.” And it gets worse. Sissy is late and she’s getting crabby.

“Hurry up. I’m going to be late, you little…”

“Did I hear someone call for me?” Get-Along shouts as he rushes to the scene. “Little what? Come on… say it! Tell me! Don’t hold back!”

And that’s how you end up with not one, but three Crabbies just waiting to ruin your day.

We hope Hurry-Up likes how we explained his role. If he doesn’t, we here at Team Crabbie are sure we’ll hear from him. We’ll just remind him how charming he is.

Until next time, keep the Crabbie’s away!

Team CrabbieMasters





‘Tis the Season

The holiday season keeps us busy, and it’s the perfect time for Hurry-Up to sneak into our lives. In fact, it’s a favorite time of the year.

Many of us are busy decorating, shopping, baking, attending holiday parties, writing holiday greetings all while keeping up with routine tasks and commitments.

Hurry-Up can bug adults more than kids because he likes to make kids take their time while Mom, Dad, or some other adult waits. And Hurry-Up loves to make people late.


This time of year, it’s really important to keep Hurry-Up away. If he does show up, send him away! One way to do this is to allow yourself a little extra time when you know the day will be hectic. Kids can help by doing what they’re asked the first time, and by doing what they know they have to do without being asked, such as getting dressed and brushing their teeth.

Cutting down on the holiday rush will keep the other Crabbies away. Remember… sometimes the Crabbies work as a team. Hurry-Up would like nothing more than to watch you eat on the run so Achy will show up or… get you into a squabble so Get-Along comes along.

Let’s not forget Junk-Food. When we’re in a hurry and hungry, we tend to grab fast and easy snacks… like junk food!

CrabbieMasters know how to beat Hurry-Up and we hope you do too! As we prepare for the holiday season, we need to remember how to chase the Crabbies away and keep them away!


As Kay says, “When asked to do it, we get right to it!”

See you next time,