Summer Fun!

It’s June! Time for some summertime fun! Campgrounds and beaches are open and for many it’s warm enough to enjoy all kinds of outside activities. Hey – looks like a ball game is about to get going!

Here’s a few more of Jay and Kay’s favorite ways to enjoy summer fun:

CrabbieMaster KayI love to swim! I learned last year. Can’t-Do did everything he could think of to keep me from trying. I beat Can’t-Do, and now I swim whenever I can. I love going to the beach and I love pools, too!


CrabbieMaster JayI like camping! I get so excited when Dad says we’re going camping. I get so excited I can’t even sleep. Too-Tired tries to sneak up on me, but I get good night’s sleep anyway so I can enjoy everything! I do a Power-Up by closing my eyes until Too-Tired goes away and I drift off to sleep. That way I have energy for the whole next day!


Mom and dad enjoy seeing everyone play outside. One thing they do is make sure Hungry stays away. It’s easy! They just make sure everyone eats before anyone has a too hungry meltdown.


They also love watching Jay and Kay’s ball games with friends. And climbing around together on all the fun equipment at the park. Lots of fun teamwork is great at keeping Get-Along away!


Ha! Even though King tries to send in the Crabbies on their little missions, CrabbieMasters know how to stop them.

Right in their tracks!


What’s your favorite summertime fun?

Earth Day
Turn the Crabbies upside down!

Hi Everyone!

As you all know, King Crabbie likes to be in charge of EVERYTHING!!

Before I was a CrabbieMaster (BIWACM), I had some tough days and that meant tough weekends for my whole family!

I would be all excited, looking forward to the weekend, and next thing I knew I was in a big argument with Jay. Before long, Mom and Dad would be upset with us both.

It’s different now that we are all CrabbieMasters, and with Jay and me being Kids-In-Charge! King does not like that we know how to take charge every day, and he especially doesn’t like it on the weekends. When we are in charge, the Crabbies have nothing to do. They get so bored watching us have all kinds of fun!

You can be a Kid-In-Charge too!

There are just 4 main things to do to drive the Crabbies away:

Remember the #1 Rule: BE NICE!

#2 – Have fun without being wild!

#3 – Listen the FIRST time!

#4 – Beat the Too-Tired Crabbie

CrabbieMaster Kay CrabbieMaster Jay

Jay and I will talk more about Kids-In-Charge in the future, but for now I will leave you with a sure line to make your weekend a success.

Are you ready?

When your mom and dad are scrambling to get chores done so you can all go do whatever it is you are looking forward to doing, you ask, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  These 8 little words throw the Crabbies world






Go for it, become a Kid-In-Charge and make it a great weekend!