Book Series

Our mission in writing the CrabbieMasters book series is to model for adults the fun that can be had by using the Crabbies to teach children how to manage their physical wellbeing (Too-Tired, Hungry, Junk-Food, Achy) and their social and emotional wellbeing (Can’t-Do, Get-Along, Hurry-Up, King). 

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When the Crabbies sneak into your day, you want to chase them away. Come meet Too-Tired, Hungry, Junk-Food, Achy, Can’t-Do, Get-Along, Hurry-Up and King, the Crabbies that think they can’t be beat. Little do they know, you’ve learned how to make them go away!

Come meet the CrabbieMasters! They know how to Power-Up and beat the Crabbies. When the Crabbies come to town, the CrabbieMasters will show you how to turn your day around!

Jay Gray let the Crabbies ruin his day too many times. Too-Tired, Junk-Food, Can’t-Do, Get-Along, Hurry-Up, Achy, Hungry and the King just wouldn’t go away. Can Jay beat the Crabbies or will the Crabbies beat him?

Kay Gray had one bad day after another. Junk-Food, Can’t-Do, Too-Tired, Achy, Get-Along, Hurry-Up, Hungry and the King ruined her day, every day. She knew she had to find a way to beat the Crabbies. Does Kay have what it takes to become a CrabbieMaster?


Stretch and yawn. Too-Tired is hoping to make Jay and Kay overly tired today and every day. If he’s successful, Jay and Kay won’t have any energy to do the things they want to do. They must beat Too-Tired if they want to stay healthy.

Jay and Kay love to play, and Hungry loves that they play so hard that they forget to stop to eat… or so he thinks. Join Jay and Kay as they beat Hungry at his own game, over and over again!

Cookies and ice cream and candy and donuts, Junk-Food wants the CrabbieMasters to eat it all and get so full that there’s no room for a healthy meal. Junk, junk, junk. See if Jay and Kay Gray can say no to all Junk-Food has to offer.

Germs, germs, germs! Achy loves germs, and he loves making sure they are passed on to others. Can Achy keep the CrabbieMasters from washing their hands? Can he keep them from putting their hands in their mouth? Can the CrabbieMasters Power-Up in time to beat Achy or will they get sick?


Can’t-Do is happy because Jay can’t tie his shoe, and Kay is too afraid to jump in the pool. It’s up to Jay and Kay to Power-Up and chase Can’t-Do away, but Can’t-Do can be persistent. If Jay can’t learn to tie his shoe and Kay won’t jump into the pool, Can’t-Do will have beat the CrabbieMasters.

Jay and Kay are going on a camping trip. Get-Along has a plan to ruin their vacation and make sure everything goes wrong, and he hopes to make it so Jay and Kay don’t get along at all. Can Jay and Kay send Get-Along away before he wreaks havoc on their day?

Hurry-Up wants nothing more than to make Jay and Kay late so that it makes their mom and dad late too. He tries, and he tries, and he tries. Can Jay and Kay beat Hurry-Up or will Hurry-Up get his way and win?

King is the leader of all the Crabbies. He spends his time thinking of ways to beat the CrabbieMasters. With Jay and Kay as his target, will they be able to hold off all of his trickery?