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Trick or Treat!

It’s one week until Halloween, and the Crabbies are practicing going door to door.

They love Halloween, especially Junk-Food and Achy.  Do you know why?

You guessed it! Candy. Lots and lots of candy. Nothing makes Junk-Food happier than kids overeating sweet treats, and gooey ones too! The Crabbies are so excited, they can hardly contain themselves.







King is excited too! All those kids waking up the day after with tummy aches.

We know all CrabbieMasters know how to beat the Crabbies, and that means not overeating. A little candy is okay, but eating say… the whole bucketful in one night… is an invitation for Achy to come for a visit.

You don’t want that and neither do we, so POWER-UP and be ready for TRICK OR TREATING.

Don’t let the Crabbies ruin the day!

Can’t-Do has a meltdown

Sometimes, the Crabbies aren’t as tough as they think they are.

Can’t-Do is happy to be home after all the traveling the Crabbies did. But, getting Can’t-Do home wasn’t easy.

He was afraid to take a plane.






He was afraid to take a train.






And there was no way he was getting on the subway!





He wouldn’t get on a boat






And he wouldn’t ride a goat.








He refused to get in a car.






And so, he walked.

That’s why the Crabbies took so long to get home. Too bad they don’t know how to POWER-UP! Tee hee. It’s a secret. We won’t tell them how to do it.

Shhhhhhhh! Let’s keep it our secret!

The Crabbies are back!

The Crabbies have returned from their vacation. They are late getting back because Get-Along couldn’t get along with the other when it came to how to get home–he didn’t want to take the train, or a bus, so he made a fuss.

King finally convinced Get-Along to get on a bus and they took a brief stop-over at Virginia Beach. They saw so many of their relatives! They were so happy to spend time with them and romp in the sand and play in the water. They were so busy they forgot to ruin anyone’s day!







No worries! It didn’t take them long to get right back to it as soon as they returned.

It all started with a group meeting. King was determined to ruin Jay and Kay’s day. After all, they had a vacation too with no Crabbies around.

King instructed Too-Tired to make a lot of noise to wake Jay and Kay really early–like four o’clock in the morning early. They’d be too tired to get ready for school and they’d miss the bus. Teehee! Hurry-Up sure loved riding the bus home. Maybe he’ll hop on the school bus and sit in Jay and Kay’s seat!

Poor Jay and Kay would fall asleep at their school desks. The Crabbies cheered and cheered! They loved the plan.

But wait…

After waking Jay and Kay, Too-Tired taunted and teased Kay as she sat in her front yard yawning. Then…

“Kay, what are you doing up so early?” Mrs. Gray called out from the doorway. “Come inside and go back to sleep. There’s no school today! It’s Saturday!”

And so… the joke is on the Crabbies. Jay and Kay slept in and the Crabbies… well, they took a nice long nap.


On the road again…

                                                                           The Crabbies continue on their vacation and today they visited Moosehead Lake, Maine.


They decided to go moose watching. Achy and Too-Tired were very excited to see a real moose. Can’t-Do and Get-Along were kind of scared because of the size of a moose, and Hurry-Up was in no hurry to go moose watching.

Their moose-watching guide told them some fun facts about moose:

• The flap of skin under the moose’s throat is called a BELL.

• Moose have no top front teeth.

• After the first calf, moose quite often have twins.

• Moose can only see about 25 feet.

• In the Moosehead Lake Region, moose out number people 3 to 1.

• The first law to protect Moose was passed in 1930.

• Only male moose grow antlers, which they shed in early winter and re-grow during the year. The main function of antlers is for display during the mating season (source: mooseheadlake.org).

The guide took the Crabbies to moose “hangouts.” It wasn’t long before one came along.

“Would you look at that!” said Hungry. “He’s HUGE!”

“Oh, wow, wow, wow,” said King. “He looks even more powerful than me.”

“I can’t look,” said Can’t-Do. “He could crush me.”

The guide assured the Crabbies that they weren’t going to get close enough to get crushed. That made everyone feel better.

They watched moose come and go, and decided it was a nice vacation spot. They will be spending the weekend, and King wanted to be sure Miss Becky got a postcard from Maine. Have a great weekend to all of you from the traveling Crabbies! See you when we get back Monday!

The Crabbies go to Myrtle Beach

The funniest thing happened when the Crabbies took a short vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Yes, even the Crabbies take a vacation every now and then.

When they went into a souvenir shop, Too-Tired, Achy and Hungry started screaming! OH NO! OH NO!

“What’s all the commotion?” King asked.

“Look!” Too-Tired cried. “We need to get out of here before… before… that happens to us.”

“What happens to us?” King asked, completely perplexed.

“T-th-th-that,” Achy stuttered.

There, hanging on the wall, were magnets. And they looked a little too familiar to the Crabbies.


“Look what they did to one of us!” Get-Along cried. “We need to get out of here. FAST!”

Hurry-Up couldn’t leave the shop fast enough. “No way is am I going to be hung on that wall,” he said.

King laughed. “That’s not a real crab. That’s a make-believe one.”

“You… you mean it’s not real?” asked Can’t-Do.

“Whew,” Jumk-Food said, wiping his brow.

And so the Crabbies went to the beach, happy that they weren’t going to become magnets.

It’s probably not a good time to show them the CrabbieMasters magnet board! 


The Crabbies return from the Big Apple

The Crabbies decided to take a train home from the Big Apple, also known as New York City. It was easier than walking. Claws don’t make good time.

They were so excited when they finally arrived, they went to Jay and Kay Gray’s house and held a meeting across the street. Yes, the Crabbies are home and back to their old tricks.

Since they had been to the Big Apple, King brought back a bag of apples. When he realized they were healthy, he didn’t know what to do with them. There was no way he was going to eat anything healthy, especially when Junk-Food was nearby. 

What to do with a bag of healthy apples?

King wasn’t quite sure. He loved the look of them and the smell. He knew they were full of juicy goodness… but the king of the Crabbies, the leader of the pack, the head honcho… knew he would ruin his reputation if he ate something HEALTHY.

There was only one thing left to do…


We’ll let you finish the story. What do you think King did with his bag of apples?

Let us know in the comments below.



Crabbies in the Big Apple

What happens when the Crabbies take a trip to the Big Apple? Oh… here’s what we saw and heard.

King: Come on, will you get on the subway so we aren’t late? King Crabbie, crabby, leader

Hurry-Up: Late for what? We have no where to go.Hurry-Up Crabbie, crabby, rushed

King: Yes, we do. We are on a tight schedule, so come along!

Get-Along: Did you call me, King?  Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully


King: No, no. I said come along.

Too-Tired: But I’m too tired.Too-Tired Crabbie, crabby, tired, sleepy

Can’t-Do: No, no. I am not getting on the subway.Can't-Do Crabbie, crabby, scared, frightened

King: Well, you must. We have no other way to get around.

Hungry: Will someone make up their mind. I’m hungry, and I want to eat. Hungry Crabbie, crabby



King: What a bunch of crabby Crabbies! We leave home for one day… one day… we are here to have a nice time, and you do nothing but RUIN THE DAY! Look at how pretty it is here.


Achy Crabbie, crabby, sick, illness, fever
Achy: My claws hurt from all this walking. Can we please do what King asked and get on the subway?


Junk-Food: Yeah! Let’s get on the subway. They have lots of gooey goodies there.Junk-Food Crabbie, crabby


King: Oh, Junk-Food. The subway is a ride. It’s not a place to get gooey goodies. Now, all of you… hop on! We are going to tour the Big Apple. Look around, there are so many people who aren’t CrabbieMasters. We can ruin a lot of days if we get right to it.


There you have it. A little idea of what the trip to the Big Apple was like for the Crabbies. They realize there are many of you out there who are yet to be CrabbieMasters, and we want to change that.

We beat the Crabbies every day, and we want you to too!


Go away Achy!

Junk-Food has been hanging around Team CrabbieMasters headquarters, and he’s been tempting us with all sorts of junk. Cookies and doughnuts and candy and ice cream… he wants us to eat it all in one day!

Fortunately, we know better. We know if we eat all that food… this guy will show up.

Achy Crabbie, crabby, sick, illness, fever

To keep Achy away, we chased Junk-Food away. Eating lots of sweets and goodies can be tempting, but CrabbieMasters know how to say NO!

We know you know how to say NO too!

Happy Grandparents Day
A Crabbie vacation

What happens when eight Crabbies go on vacation?

We here at Team CrabbieMasters are chuckling. It appears the Crabbies aren’t able to agree on what to do on vacation.

“I want to go to the movies and eat lots of popcorn,” Junk-Food said.

“No, it’s nice outside. Let’s go camping,” King said.

“I want to skate all around town,” Hurry-Up said.

Too-Tired shook his head. “I’m too tired to go anywhere. Let’s just hang out.”

“I don’t want to do any of those things,” said Get-Along. “Let’s go to the beach.”

“No,” Achy said. “My tummy hurts. I want to have a stay-cation.”

King raised his scepter. “No one said we have to vacation together. So, go do your own thing. We will meet back here later.”

“That’s not right!” Get-Along said. “We should all go together and do what I want to do.”

“No way. We need to do what I want to do. I’m hungry!” said Hungry.

“Stop!” King shouted. “We can’t get along so go do whatever you want and meet back here later.”

After 20 minutes of squabbling, Junk-Food left for the movies, and the others soon went and did their own thing too.

As for Jay and Kay, they decided, without arguing, to just hang out.


Have a safe and happy weekend!