jaykaybooksBefore I Was A CrabbieMaster.

Hi! Jay and Kay here. We haven’t always been CrabbieMasters. We had to learn to beat the Crabbies, and you can too.

Before we were CrabbieMasters, a lot of things went wrong. Sometimes Too-Tired would show up and he’d make us so crabby and miserable. Then, Get-Along would come around and we’d be grumpy to others.

When we’d eat too much junk food, guess who showed up? Yup, Junk-Food, and sometimes he’d bring Achy.

Can’t-Do was always following us around, and Hungry would show up when we were busy playing.

Hurry-Up was always making us late, and our mom and dad, May and Ray Gray, would get all flustered when we made them wait.

The Crabbies made our days so crabby. We knew we had to do something, so we powered up and changed the day by chasing the Crabbies away.

The stories Becky and Michael Undlin are writing about us will show you how to beat the Crabbies too! We love to share what we learned, including the books being written about our lives before we became CrabbieMasters.

Aren’t they awesome?

Here’s a video of Miss Becky, and parents and kids, all talking about the CrabbieMasters. We hope you enjoy it!