Valentine’s Day Is Just No Fun

King here! I am taking over the blog today since Becky is so busy with all her little CrabbieMasters and their Goody Goody Wacky Week Fun!

Just as Get-Along and I team up with the Ice-Cold Crabbie to make more plans to ruin their days, she pulls this stunt.

Get-Along Crabbie with his red boxing gloves on and his tongue sticking out.Ice-Cold Crabbie shivering.


We should not be surprised. She does this Wacky thing every year at this time.

Her little CrabbieMasters celebrate that awful holiday ❤️❤️❤️ Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️ with all kinds of “friendship baloney!”

I for one am pretty sick of it. They are always talking about their number one rule: “Be Nice!”

Just look at this picture we found on the CrabbieMaster website. It is one example of the things we have to put up with.


Preschool group hug.

King Crabbie looking up to left.Gag!


Today we are not even going to bother hanging around. They’ll be exchanging Valentines and we won’t have a chance. We had our fill already this week. They all brought something for what they called a Friendship Snack.

Everyone was going crazy thanking each other. You would have thought they had learned how to fly they were so excited.  Yesterday, they all went sledding. That was quite possibly The Worst. All that laughing. We were sort of hoping we could at least see a crash, but their second rule is “Have fun without being wild,” so forget it if you think someone is going to walk up the sledding path and someone else is going to come down the hill and send anyone flying. We tried to hang around waiting for that and it just isn’t happening.

Don’t even get me started on their “listen the first time” rule! I can’t tell you how many times I have sent Hurry-Up over there hoping to get things going. Do you know what he reported? They all pitch in! They have actually been heard to say, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

And worst of all, Too-Tired has no control anymore. He used to be my ‘go to Crabbie’ because what kid wants to go to bed at night or worse yet, take a nap? CrabbieMasters do! They are onto the fact that Too-Tired wants to spoil their fun. They call it Powering-Up!

That’s it for now – maybe we can find some other bunch to annoy!

King Crabbie leaving the scene with staff raised high.

Please, decide to make it a bad day!





Here’s a CrabbieMaster Riddle

Get-Along Crabbie is holding the beach ball up high away from Jay and Kay fighting in the background with a skunk in the foreground.

Believe it or not the Get-Along Crabbie and the skunk have something in common!

They both have the power to cross your path and leave a stink you have to deal with.

In my experience, the Get-Along Crabbie is often the culprit when it comes to those days that something happens in the morning and then it’s hard to let go of it for the entire day. And more extreme –  I have even heard of cases where elementary children, after a year of daily conflict, are split up in school so that they won’t be in the same class the next year.

Many times, throughout my education, I’ve heard that there is a ‘magic ratio’ when it comes to relationships. The ratio they are referring to is the number of positive interactions it takes to make up for those inevitable negative interactions. Early on I heard the ratio as, ‘It takes three positive interactions to every negative one to even things out.’ Just now I did a little Google search and found a source that claims the ratio to be five to one in order to maintain positive long last relationships.

About twenty years ago, after hearing that one of my former preschoolers was being bullied in school, I declared that the number one preschool rule was “Be Nice!” That has turned out to be one of the best things I ever did in creating the main tenets for being CrabbieMasters in my preschool. It was amazing how being intentional and how instructing kids on ways to work out problems made a such difference on a daily basis and long term. The simple rule to ‘Be Nice’ often triggered me to find ways to give kids opportunities to be kind to each other in ways that consistently changed our daily dynamics for the positive.

There are still times when a child may be impulsive (most often when they are tired) and may say or do something to another child that is not kind. The big difference is that when the mindset is “Be Nice,” such incidents are more likely to be isolated versus chronic. The child who was mistreated understands that it was a mistake on the part of his or her friend and they are less likely to retaliate because in talking about how to beat Get-Along we have already frequently talked about the best ways to ‘work things out.’

As I said above, teaching kids to beat Get-Along does require intentionality. For more on how (and why J ) to beat Get-Along, check out www.crabbiemasters.com/get-along.

Make it a great day!

Becky 🙂