Hey kids! We need your help…

We here at Team CrabbieMasters would like to know how you prefer to read books. Do you like Kindle or Nook? Soft cover? Hard cover?

We want to get an idea of what you like best for reading and where you like to read. Do you have a favorite place? Do you like to read in bed before you settle in for a good night’s sleep? Do you like to read outside under a tree or on a porch swing?

Do you like to read with friends? Or when you’re alone? Comment below and let us know! We sure would appreciate it.

Hooray for weekends!

It’s almost time for the weekend! That means lots of outside fun!

Jay and Kay are going on a camping trip. They love to sleep inside a tent and sit by the campfire. Of course, one of their favorite things is S’mores.

Now, Junk-Food gets all excited when he sees S’mores. But… you and I know that it’s okay to have a little chocolate and marshmallow once in a while. We just don’t overdo it, and we don’t eat like that every day of the week!

What is your favorite outside activity?

We would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment and Jay or Kay will reply.

Have a good weekend!

Team CrabbieMasters


The Crabbies are on the move!

“That’s right! We’re on the move. We’re going to New York City, also known as the Big Apple,” King announced.

“We’re going to the Big Apple?” Hungry asked as he rubbed his stomach.

“Yes, Hungry, to the Big Apple.”

“What will we do when we get there?” Junk-Food asked. “I don’t like apples. Apples are healthy.”

“Not a real apple, it’s just a nickname,” Get-Along said.

“Are we going to be celebrities?” Too-Tired asked. “I always wanted to be a celebrity. After all, I’m the worst Crabbie in the whole universe.”

“Settle down, all of you,” King commanded. “We are going to New York City to meet with fun humans. We must be on our best behavior. We can’t be making anyone sick or tired and especially… LATE. We want to make a good impression.”

“THAT’S NOT FUN!” Achy shouted. “How can we have fun if we behave?”

“Calm down. We only need to behave for one day. Once we impress these people, we can go back to spreading crabbiness all over the land,” King said, raising his scepter. “King Crabbie, crabby, leader




“None of this sounds good,” Hurry-Up complained. “Be good for one day? We are Crabbies, we aren’t made that way.”

“Just one day,” King said. “You will see. We might become celebrities!”

“When do we leave?” Get-Along asked.

“I don’t know yet, but it will be soon so STAY TUNED!”

Get-Along learns a new song

Just when we thought we’d heard it all…

Get-Along crawled into the hallway of Team CrabbieMasters headquarters and he was singing so loudly that Kay had to go tell him to hush.

“I don’t want to hush,” Get-Along said. “So, go back to wherever it was you were and leave me alone.”

“Really?” Kay said. “Get-Along, that’s no way to talk to me or anybody. You’re being rude!”

“Rude, rude, think I care?”

Kay couldn’t believe Get-Along was being so obnoxious. That means disagreeable and nasty. So… she decided to sing a song.

I’m teaching you a song

so you’ll know how to get along.

Won’t you come and sing with me

instead of being ornery? 

You don’t need to think twice

about being kind and doing nice.

It’s easy to get along

just by singing a happy song!

Well… Get-Along learned a new song, but we here at Team CrabbieMasters know we can’t change Get-Along’s attitude, but we can send him away! And we did!

Happy weekend everyone! Remember to have fun and get along with others. And if you see Get-Along creeping into your day, just send him away!

Too-Tired takes control!

Hi all! It’s me, Too-Tired. I’ll be doing the writing today. You see, Miss Becky is out on a lake somewhere, in a canoe, enjoying the sun and having a good time. But… she forgot to close her computer, so here I am! Tee hee! Miss Becky, you’ve been hacked!

So… this is what I want you all to know. I am NOT the worst Crabbie in the universe. Nope. Not me. I love making you all tired and crabby, but that doesn’t make me the worst Crabbie. Nope. Not me.

I am going to make Miss Becky tired. Sun and fun can really tire out humans, but not me. We crabs live in sand and water. We love the sun and we love fun. It’s an easy day for me. I have the sun and fun to help me. Tee hee!

Uh oh! Here comes CrabbieMasters Jay and Kay. I’ll hide until they go away.

Hello friends! Jay here. CrabbieMaster Jay

Pay no attention to Too-Tired. He thinks he’s not the worst Crabbie in the universe, but he is! And… he should not be touching anyone’s computer without permission. He may think he outsmarted Miss Becky, but he didn’t. She’s coming in the door right now, and she’s not tired at all. She’s carrying a big, heavy bag and she’s singing a song. That’s right, Too-Tired. Time for you to leave.

Hi there! Kay here. CrabbieMaster Kay

Pay no attention to silly Too-Tired. He thinks he’s clever, but he’s not. Oh look! Miss Becky is shooing him away. She told him not to come back today or any day!

He’s running out the door with his claws between his legs. Poor Too-Tired, NOT.


Shhhh… can you hear them?

We knew it. We just knew it. The Crabbies are at it again. They thought after the Independence Day celebrations that there would be some overly tired and crabby kids out there somewhere.

The Crabbies are plotting and we can hear them. Shhhh…

King: Let’s target kids who were camping and kids whose parents grilled outside. Let’s target kids who were at the beach and kids who Jay and Kay don’t know.

Junk-Food: Great idea! I know I can find some kids who ate too many S’mores. Achy, you with me? 

Achy: I’m on it, pal.

King: Perfect, perfect. Now… how about the rest of you?

Too-Tired: I’ll find some campers. I know sometimes they like to stay up late and tell spooky stories and then get up early. Oh, the fun I will have finding crabby campers!

King: Sounds like a good plan. Who else?

Hurry-Up: Me! Me! I know how kids can make mom and dad late for work after a long weekend of no work and all play! I can ruin their day!

King: Get on it, Hurry-Up! Next?

Get-Along: I’ll find campers too! After all that time together, the kids might not be getting along. You know, like we don’t get along sometimes. I’m sure I can find a few crabby kids.

Can’t-Do: I’ll head to the beach. I’m sure there I can find at least one kid afraid of the water. There will be at least one kid who won’t even toe-dip. Ha, ha! I know it! I know it!

Hungry: I have the easy task! I can go anywhere and find kids so busy playing they don’t stop to eat. Then, they will be so hungry, when they do eat, they’ll pick, pick, pick.

Hurry-Up: Okay, let’s do it. Follow me.

King: Go everyone. I’ll wait here for you to return with your reports.

After hearing this, Team CrabbieMasters knew we had to jump into action!

Miss Becky: You silly Crabbies. You know we know how to beat you today and every day. Look at the fun we have! We don’t get overly tired and we don’t eat too much Junk-Food. We know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to eat. We all get along and we encourage one another to try something we aren’t sure we can do. When it’s time to go, we go without a fuss. Sorry, but you’ll have to go back to King and tell him that you didn’t have any luck. Maybe you should go back to the beach and enjoy the day, and try not to get in anyone’s way.

Junk-Food: Miss Becky, you and the CrabbieMasters sure know how to ruin our day!

Miss Becky: Whether it’s a holiday weekend or a nice summer day, we won’t let you get in our way! See you later, alligator!

Hurry-up: Uh oh. Did she say alligator? I’m out of here. Hurry up, guys!

And we all laughed as the Crabbies ran off. Some days it’s real easy to chase the Crabbies away!



Happy Independence Day!

From all of us, to all of our American friends, have a safe and happy Independence Day!

The Crabbies are at the beach, enjoying the day. We’re sure they will be back tomorrow. They do like the day after a holiday. We’ll be ready! We hope you will be too!