King Crabbie fooled by Instagram!

Sometimes the Crabbies like publicity–good or bad. After all, they’re Crabbies.

CrabbieMaster Kay was a bit surprised to hear King promoting our Instagram page. Here’s the link:


And here’s what King said:



“Attention Crabbies!

“You know how we love to get our picture on the Internet for the WORLD to see?! Well, CrabbieMasters has us on Instagram! As a King, I photograph quite well, and so do all of you. 🙂

“Of course, you know how the CrabbieMasters are… always telling everyone to watch out for us so we don’t ruin their day.

“Oh, how much fun we can have parading all over Instagram! The more CrabbieMasters put us there, the more fans we’ll have, and the more fans we have the more days we can ruin. We’re celebrities!

“Hip… hip… hooray!”

“Ha!” said Kay, smiling.

When she got wind of King’s silly speech she let him and the rest of the Crabbies know that they can admire their Instagram pictures all they want, but they won’t be tricking anyone.

“King, get real! We show everyone how to BEAT you and make sure you DON’T ruin the day. We use Instagram to show everyone how to make you GO AWAY!

“So, enjoy your pictures because we know they help everyone recognize you when they see you! Sorry, King. You’re off your game today. Instagram helps us, not you! Now everyone will know who to be on the lookout for – YOU!”

Hurrah for Friday!

CrabbiesFriday is here and that means the weekend is here! No school and no work for many of us.

We are excited to have some outdoor playtime and share some good habits with our friends… like eating right and getting along and helping someone to try to do something they think they can’t do.

We are well prepared to keep the Crabbies away. But look…

They are in a meeting, plotting and scheming. We know what they’re doing.

Listen… we can hear them…

King: It’s the weekend, do you know what that means?

Crabbies all together: Yes!

King: It means it’s time to ruin the day. Saturday and Sunday. Ruin, ruin, ruin!

Junk-Food: This is too easy. I will shower kids everywhere with candy and gooey treat and tasty sweets.

Achy: I’ll be working with Junk-Food to make sure tummy aches are EVERYWHERE!

King: Good, good. And, Hungry, what will you do?

Hungry: Why, I’ll make sure all the kids are too busy playing to stop to eat. And when they do finally eat, I’ll make sure they pick, pick, pick.

King: Excellent. How about you, Get-Along?

Get-Along: Ohhh, I know just what to do to get kids to not share and maybe even make fun of one another’s hair.

King: Perfect. Keep those kids feeling crabby. They won’t get along at all.

Cant-Do: I have a plan! I will make sure when kids try something new, they fail. A second time they won’t try, and they’ll cry and cry.

King: Genius! And Hurry-Up–

Kay: STOP RIGHT THERE! You will NOT be going anywhere.

Jay: That’s right. If you want to do something fun over the weekend, go to the beach and visit your relatives.

King: Hmmm. We’ll see about that.

Kay: There’s nothing to see, King. Go play in the sand! Go play in the ocean! We know what you like and we won’t do it! We know what you don’t like, and we get right to it!

Jay: Look, Kay! They’re running away!

Kay: See you later–NOT, Crabbies.

And so, Jay and Kay and CrabbieMasters around the world set out to enjoy their weekend. And we hope you do too!


Team CrabbieMasters

We hear you, Junk-Food

Yup, sometimes it happens–jealousy. We write about one Crabbie and another one whines that he’s not getting any publicity. Today, it was Junk-Food. He wants you all to know he’s gearing up for the long weekend too. He’s ready with candy and ice cream and cookies and soda and… and… and… well, he’s ready to be a sugar pusher.

That’s right. And he’s pretty proud that he has mounds and mounds of sugary treats. Fortunately, the CrabbieMasters know what to do. They will POWER-UP to get rid of you, Junk-Food.









Now, we know Junk-Food won’t like this post but bad publicity is better than no publicity! Be on the lookout for Junk-Food today and every day. He can be quite sneaky.

We know he wants us to say something nice about him, so we will. When the CrabbieMasters send Junk-Food away, he goes quietly because his mouth is filled with junk food! And he goes away quickly because he’s filled with sugar. We laugh when we watch hyper-quiet Junk-Food leave.

Don’t forget–where there’s Junk-Food, Achy’s not far behind.

Happy Monday!

Boy, it sure was a busy weekend with lots of things to do and then yesterday was Mother’s Day. For some of us that means Monday morning can be hectic.

When things get hectic, Hurry-Up gets happy. He loves it when kids are tired and cranky and make mom or dad late. He loves when kids are late for school. In fact, he loves anything late.

Hurry-Up sometimes depends on his pal Too-Tired to ruin the day. Getting a good night’s sleep can help keep Hurry-Up away because sometimes we oversleep and that makes us have to rush, rush, rush and that can make us late, late, late.

We here at CrabbieMasters headquarters hope that wherever you venture today, you’re on time!

Happy Monday!

Happy Saturday!

Can you see Get-Along sneaking around behind the children?  You can also see that the children don’t care. That’s right, Get-Along. They aren’t paying any attention to you!

Get-Along wants no one to get along. He loves squabbles and arguments and children who won’t share. He loves children who won’t take turns and who won’t do as they’re told. He loves, loves, loves when everyone gets so mad they won’t play together. He loves it when kids pick on one another. He’s not very nice. No, he’s not.

So if you see this fella lurking around, be sure to send him away. Don’t let him ruin your day and ruin your play!

He’s quite sneaky, but Miss Becky has a good remedy to make him go away.

Get-Along Crabbie, crabby, bully


Jay and Kay’s big day

Today was a very exciting day for Jay and Kay Gray. You see, Can’t-Do snuck up on CrabbieMaster Frankie as she was learning the yo-yo.

Frankie tried and tried but the yo-yo wouldn’t come back up once she let it down. She was getting frustrated.

“I can’t do this,” she said. “I give up. It’s too hard.”

Can’t-Do laughed. Can't-Do Crabbie, crabby, scared, frightened

Fortunately, Frankie was trying to yo-yo in front of Miss Jenna’s house. Jenna Bemis, Becky Undlin, CrabbieMasters, Crabby, Crabbies She heard the commotion and rushed outside. Can’t-Do gets easily distracted by Miss Jenna, so when he was distracted, Jay and Kay came along.

“What’s the matter?” Kay asked Frankie, seeing her frustration.

“I… I can’t get this yo-yo to work,” Frankie cried.

Jay looked around and saw Miss Jenna was keeping Can’t-Do occupied. “Here, Frankie. Hand me your yo-yo and I’ll show you how. It’s really easy.”

Both Jay and Kay took turns showing Frankie how to do it, and after only a few tries the yo-yo went down, up, down, up, down and back up again. Jay and Kay were so excited and happy for Frankie.

Jay looked over and Miss Jenna was still talking to Can’t-Do. CrabbieMasters don’t usually get the Crabbies to go away by distracting them, but it was fun!

Sometimes it’s just cool to be different. Today was one of those days! And best of all, Frankie can now yo-yo like a pro!


Livin’ it up!

It’s been a rough week here at CrabbieMasters headquarters. The Crabbies have been excited about the warmer weather and they’ve been sneaking around trying to wreak havoc here, there and everywhere.

It all started with Too-Tired. He had kept everyone up the night before making a buzzing sound… just like an annoying bee. He went from house to house pretending to be a honey bee, and he was LOUD!

The next morning, everyone came to headquarters tired and crabby. Who do you think showed up? You got it! Get-Along. We were so busy squabbling that we forgot to eat and Hungry was lovin’ it.

So while the Crabbies were livin’ it up, we decided it was time to beat the Crabbies and we chased them away.

We know the Crabbies are just as active in spring and summer so we’re going to keep a good eye out for them. We let them sneak up on us this time, but we won’t let them again!

They are plotting and planning, and we are ready for them!

We hope you are having a fun day and we hope you’re keeping the Crabbies away too!


It’s May!

From all of us to all of you, happy first day of May!